Monday, May 18, 2015

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Sometimes I suddenly a discomfort, brittle nails where the top layer is released and chipt. Especially with my index and middle finger nails, sin! I'm really there to sip, I like to wear nail polish as I'm density free. I've successfully used HEMA hair and nails complex associated density with that brittle nails, and if I avoid acetone, also doing reasonably well with my nails. Currently I test their Garden density of Life RAW Vitamin B complex, which is complemented by PABA; good for the condition of hair, nails and skin. Now I use it about 2 weeks, so I can not really say anything about it unfortunately.
Recently I was in a hurry to remove my nail polish, nail polish remover and used the Sephora. Ideal thing, you insert finger into it, turning against the pad, and away is your nail polish. There are no parabens and acetone in this remover, or ethyl acetate, which sounds aggressive.
Because these remover issues a severe chemical density air worse than other nail polish removers without acetone, I decided once to find out whether density this remover is the culprit of my crumbling nails. The ingredients density list is extensive, and there are many alcohols and acids, which can operate drying: Ethyl Acetate - solvent chemicals denat Alcohol - Alcohol Glycerin - is soothing. Perfume - speaks for itself Panthenol - Vitamin B5 tocopheryl acetate - Vitamin E Butylene glycol - Alcohol Nuphar Luteum Root Extract - Yellow density water lily extract Citric acid - Citric Prunus Persica Fruit Extract - Peach extract Sodium Benzoate - Preservative Potassium sorbate - Preservative CI 60730 - dye addition density to the drying ingredients I also see some nourishing ingredients in this list. Only applies; the lower on the list, the less of the stuff is present in the product. That water lily and peach extract example, I suspect that's not much.
I seriously think that this remover my nails dry! Throw away I do not, in rush situations this stuff is ideal for this, but use it more often? No! A mixed message about this so remover; it is perfect, but for drying my nails to use it often. Sephora Express Nail Polish Remover costs 9.30, quite pricey when you consider that you've density lost a large bottle of remover and cotton pads no more than 4. Let's hope that the Vitamin B complex quickly what miracles and makes my nails are pretty quickly and securely!
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Hi, I'm Mieke, 40 years old and I'm married. I work 32 hours a week as a nurse, and also keep this blog. I like to write about makeup, skin care and natural bags, dresses and Louis Vuitton. If you leave a comment? XXX
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