Friday, May 1, 2015

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Mask, it because I mean that prevent the virus is scattered by coughing and sneezing, as long as the physical condition is bad, it is the consideration for the other party to be attached.
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The smoke of cough and tobacco together. Surrounding'm think "there is harm." If you think what the people who smoke without consideration to the surroundings. Even people who cough without polystyrene any consideration, at the same It 's is natural is to have the same impression.
Afro Maria Riesch (GER), FEBRUARY 11, 2011 - Alpine polystyrene Skiing: Maria Riesch polystyrene of Germany coughs after her race in the downhill polystyrene portion of the women's Ski World Championship super-combined race in Garmisch-Par ... by Photo: Reuters / Afro
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About Source of society manners, my mind is whether Will narrow. In the office of the same floor, and this year ... - Yahoo! Answers
Amana Images by a mask coughing businessman by Amana Images
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