Saturday, May 23, 2015

Many exotic fruit comes immediately into the nose, where almond prevails. In many orange flavor, an

Highland Park Freya descended from the Walhalla | Whisky magazine etc.
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High above by the late sun glowing red Amsterdam was a small group of invited guests Monday caulk March 3 to enjoy the latest single malt from the Valhalla collection of Highland Park.
Closer to the Nordic sky than ordinary mortals down at the foot of the Silver Tower at Central Station, the lucky ones were first past the standard malts led by Sietse Offringa, brand ambassador of Highland Park. Those were the 10-, 12- and 18-year-olds whose first insofar exceptional caulk is that it only here and in Canada to get. An extremely easy whiskey certainly the profile of the distillers of the island of Orkney - sweet, soft and a plume of smoke - meets. The 12-year-old single malt is quite complete without hard edges, heather honey, full and peat, which is modest by. The edition of 18 years, slightly darker sides, dried fruit, memories of high-quality chocolate. The standard series are ten and twelve bottled at 40%, the eighteen 43%
Many exotic fruit comes immediately into the nose, where almond prevails. In many orange flavor, and for me very clear pear drops (ethyl acetate) that characterizes some whiskeys. That sweetness is equally touched by the tannins of the barrel. caulk
Freya is just like fellow gods encased in a houtsculptuurtje with, of course, dragon heads. A nice whiskey, in line with the characters of the Walhalla residents, softer and sweeter than the noisy Thor and Loki the sly.
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