Friday, May 22, 2015

Jurgen In June 2005 it was found in my cancer, the cancer had already spread to the liver. That was

Somewhere in Amsterdam, at a secret place to grow grapes. Lots of grapes. Really a lot of grapes. Last year I picked liqui moly Friend B and in an hour or two over 90 kilos of red grapes. I had the grapes for some time monitored and we are going to pick when the seeds were brown, which seems to be a sign of maturation. Given the state of the grapes I had little hope of a fine wine. Too many bunches per plant and no hot summer. Moreover, the secret location is such that I have high levels of particulate matter and other junk on the grapes expected. The plan was thus from the outset fermenting and then distilling. Grapes pressed liqui moly without pretreatment in my juicer. This resulted in about 40 liters of juice on, an efficiency of less than 50%. Ridiculously low, many grapes that came from the press still looked quite out. Little bruise and stamping will increase the yield beforehand. It was specific gravity of the juice, not unexpectedly, quite low, around 1040. Fermentation yielded an undrinkable acidic moisture. After distillation, we got a reasonable rate of return, a few bottles of very fruity smelling liquid with between 35% and 40% alcohol. The first taste was not good, the smell dominated liqui moly by fruity esters, probably ethyl acetate. After a few months this has improved over the age of 10 we have a super drink. Next year, more and better.
Jurgen day, just like an adventure behind it. Wine was downright nasty and I'm also distilling. BUT, for pressing (juicer), I just grapes bunches zipped (so that less wood alcohol converted) and the peels, seeds, water and a few liters of Tokay yeast bubbling a few weeks. When distilled (2x) in the best grappa I have ever drunk! (I am a lover of grappa) Almost liqui moly fell off my chair in amazement (also the amount of grappa were) Advantage of grappa is: do not mature, you can strike immediately. January liqui moly 20, 2011 13:07
Wateetons, Absolutely. Maybe I will reveal my secret to volunteers willing to carry out his pruning the grapes. Anonymous, steal seems a considerable chore. To prevent methanol formation is not just working. Methanol is from pectin, not out of wood. See here: January 20, 2011 19:30
Jurgen In June 2005 it was found in my cancer, the cancer had already spread to the liver. That was not nice ... but I've been lucky. After intestinal surgery, chemotherapy, liver surgery and chemotherapy again, I am now cancer free. During chemotherapy I became a little obsessive liqui moly terms of food. In this blog I write therefore my culinary adventures. As a (former) cancer liqui moly patient also because I enjoy plenty of the good things in life and hope that I can inspire others to do the same in my position. You can email me at: Display bilirubinbiliverdin (at) my complete profile
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