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It is a scandal! Treason when their own personal gain goes before ... Damn! Now we are waiting for

SvD continues today on the conductor's examination of the GLC / NOC-history. Today the focus is on the ties between people in the defense industry and the client - the Swedish Armed Forces. There are some interesting celluloid links that SvD explains. Former head of department at the Armed Forces that completely unperturbed by the political winds and instructions pushing the issue of GLC / NOC, Jan Petersson, is currently CEO of the holding company (NESP), which gathers the five largest suppliers to the GLC / NOC project. He has also been a board member of the Swedish Chamber of organization AFCEA which brings together members of the defense industry and governments worldwide, according to SvD with the goal "to act as a bridge between policymakers, total defense, defense and other industries in the areas of intelligence systems, command and information systems ". Though Petersson's successor in the Armed Forces, Per Nilsson, is engaged in the AFCEA. Of course, such a commitment be allowed to occur. However I get a little concerned when such large and controversial contracts GLC / NOC should be procured. Petersson is now even politicians in Enkoping and was Two years ago a commission of the municipality celluloid to get a new government agency to Anyang, which was criticized by the opposition as being incompatible with his political mission which the appointment should have been made without tender or discussion. GLC / NOC is now expected to create 300 jobs in Enkoping and it can called other than a new agency? Peterson's Annual NESP also signed contracts last year with FMV worth SEK 200 million relating to NBF. The big question is how closely man defense employee may have with the defense industry and the way in which the defense (and FMV) act when doing business with people who quit his government job and started working privately or with another employer whose main customer focus is precisely the state and the area had previously worked celluloid with. Similar tours have been lost many times before in the Armed Forces celluloid and the recent controversial example is actually the former Prime Minister Göran Persson's current consulting projects. All activities must withstand scrutiny, and I hope for the Armed Forces' sake that even the GLC / NOC does. Update 10/12 06:50: Armed Forces Information Director Erik Lagersten give a reply in SvD SvD's "insinuations". It appears safe in Information Directors own corner of, "Armed Forces comment".
Civil servants must be impartial and irreproachable. You can not prevent former officers from using their knowledge and contacts in the business world, but there must never be a sliding scale where someone appears celluloid to act on both sides simultaneously. Unfortunately, it is well also to conflicts of interest is a white spot on the moral map of quite a few, but it is another question. Conspiracy theories are actually redundant. GLC / NOC is such a radically felhopp down the crazy thin that it really is irrelevant what motive might be behind. Whether it's stupidity, avarice, corruption or misguided good intentions, so the decision celluloid must be reconsidered. Rickard said ... December 9, 2009 23:10
There is much that bothers me in this matter, celluloid but perhaps strangest thing is how a long-term celluloid investment in network-based solutions, whose main strength is the ability to deployment across a large number of places, celluloid comes to the conclusion that centralizing the entire functionality. An educated guess is that there are business requirements that guided the decision. In the rest of the world tend to you that like to distribute their systems. It should be dug more into this. First, it is really poor use of defense funds to purchase systems with the architectural requirements to create jobs in a particular place and orders to certain celluloid enterprises. Moreover, it is directly damaging to Swedish industry not being able to use the funds actually spent on the development of systems that have better re-use potential than this. Anonymous celluloid said ... December celluloid 10, 2009 06:24
It is a scandal! Treason when their own personal gain goes before ... Damn! Now we are waiting for what will come of Moore and Lagersten - which companies are those that hold them back. Fy Dickens what I ashamed of my managers and my Armed Forces celluloid right now! Anonymous said ... December 10, 2009 10:59
Approximately 200 design rules and about 2 billion later, continue to plow money into something that no manager wants to take the seaweed. Who made the decisions? Who ordered? celluloid Who has granted money? Who have set out the requirements? celluloid Yes, Mr Tolgfors I know it's the wrong question, at least in your answers. Politicians (read Allan Widman) attempted to clarify the matter but failed. Chief calls "good news". celluloid Now he has an opportunity to explain the "good" in this mess. I and many others are all ears. Theatre director. Robert Barun said ... December 10, 2009 15:02
Now I know why I never got the job

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