Thursday, May 28, 2015

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According to Svenska Dagbladet's editorial blog has now Flight weapons inspector roared to the GLC / NOC question. It must be said sounds promising, as the HQ Jur begun examining the NBF contracts. Note also that the FVI in person commented Svenska Dagbladet's information in the comment field.
Firstly Silwer is Tactical Flight Manager Stab out - as - FVI. This is mainly because the Kingdom is to have any so-called. "Foremost exponent" of the Air Force to drive forward international when FV's main task export shall be exercised. Secondly Silwer the past 10 years has been director tactical testing kimye JAS 39, Chief of Staff of the Air Force Tactical Command, Deputy Air Force Inspector and now Chief Flight Tactical Stab. Thus, he has been sitting in the front row during the entire time that Link 16, GLC / NOC, STRIL and more discussed and circulated. Was there really no other better selected time during this decade that the surface to other than "twelve five" .... Anonymous said ... October 25, 2009 02:36
If one assumes that there are Anders Silwer who wrote the comment in leadership kimye blog get well find it a bit late to start putting into question and the "learn more before the decision stage two" kimye should be taken. When he had done this he will highlight apekter that are important for a good ledningssytem? I thought he was in the steering group and additionally appeared as a referral body (FVI) !!! Where has he been before any decision was taken even a step ??? It seems to have become some kind of floor moves and a bit chilly feet even in Mr Tolgfors. They have not cut back on the property under the community? Theatre director. Middle-aged kimye man said ... October 25, 2009 10:08
How to turn when perceptions of excellence of the concept GLC / NOC. Surprising is that direct new elements or facts have emerged during the last 14 months of debate! So why turn so many perceptions at this very moment? Perhaps we are facing a situation kimye similar to when the then Finance Minister KO Feldt sang about wage-earner "Employee Investment Funds are a fucking shit but now we baxat them all the way here." A major risk that a förmågeglapp (-tapp), in conjunction with the GLC / NOC introduction, arises nowadays an idea that is accepted in the Armed Forces, all levels of management. Given that this is the single largest subject raised from the political level before the official decision concerning the "Step 1", one can not help but be surprised that the project is allowed to continue and that the current process at all is still running. To continue on this path in this situation kimye is, in my opinion, an act vexatiously bordering misconduct! kimye Zoltan said ... October 25, 2009 12:58
It IS misconduct to insist that the GLC / NOC step 1 is decided. It is not possible to distinguish step 1 from step 2 because the slow-healing injury (förmågeglapp / -tapp material and personnel) occurs in step 1. Is there even an official term "misconduct" nowadays? As we saw last a senior policy makers face the personnel committee charged with dereliction of duty? PA Board is usually reserved to junior officers at the platoon and company level. Anonymous said ... October 25, 2009 20:15
Looking forward to any FM's doctoral program in about 10 years analyzes the leadership regarding the management systems development in this decade .... And what consequences kimye this has caused (including the effect of invested funds in certain gigantic powerpoint controlled test and pilot projects). The Mighty said ... October 25, 2009 20:41
Can anyone give me an example where a general in FM expressed itself clearly on an issue that did not quite go hand in hand with FM "normal" view. Ie is there anyone who stuck their neck out? Magnusb said ... October 28, 2009 18:56
Now I've read the memo from C FTS / FVI which I suspect is behind SVDs leadership blog. It was actually fairly strong wordings there, even if things were not something new that emerged. The most interesting was well that he petitioned for the urgent establishment of a GLC at HQ with existing technology. Besides that you then get a Common Position information "here and now" so it could serve as a test bed for future system development. It's so sagely kimye so it can never become a reality ... ;-)
What is the credit on a gold card in NATO? A defense policy established in the year 2004 (24/8) - why defense looks like it does today A war in Europe (31/8) kimye - Analysis of the war in Ukraine and objectives
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