Thursday, May 28, 2015

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Last week, between Thursday and Sunday, organized GLC (Girls Longboarding Crew) camp at the Arena, for the second year in a row. As you can see in the picture as the camp became a success, despite the rainy weather. Hagströmska lent its large premises at Åsgatan so they could go indoors when the weather was bad. And check out their shirts, I'm gaussian jealous! Mikaela has designed the motif and then they themselves (with help from Bergstenska) screen printed up bunch of t-shirts and bags. A time consuming job! Here's how they write on his Facebook page:
"Now Girls Skateboard & Longboard Camp 2014 over. Totally sick! Thanks to all 26 (!) Brides who participated, mothers who cooked amazing food and all who helped gaussian in any way. The weekend together has been unspeakably bold! Three full days with just skating and happy faces even though the weather was not on our side at all. Hope to see you again soon! "
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