Saturday, May 16, 2015

After using a year of my beloved Kruidvat artificial nail remover game it was time for a new game.

After using a year of my beloved Kruidvat artificial nail remover game it was time for a new game. My old game began tasty and the teeth of the brush came off. I wanted to anyway buy a new pot, because it works so easy: finger in it, and turn off nail polish. Now I read on a blog that they now have a jar with sponge instead of teeth. Because there was an action of the 2nd half price on all nail polish removers, I took the quick and easy nail polish remover. Curious about the product? Read on! According to Kruidvat this nail polish remover will remove my nail polish in a jiffy. The added glycerin and argan oil will take care of my nails and cuticles. The nail polish remover is acetone-free and has a pleasant fruity scent. What is surprising is that this is all true! I have the polish remover now used a few times and I love it. I do my lacquered finger in the pot, just turn around and ready, all nail polish is gone. My fingers jacs feel totally dry, and they see no dry out. The artificial nail remover with teeth I had problems with that my cuticles there were ugly. Fortunately, I have not experienced with the quick and easy nail polish remover. The sponge contained in the pot feels soft. The nail polish remover is acetone indeed pretty and smells really nice to fruit. Further explanation about the ingredients in this nail polish remover (large amount to less large quantity):
Ethyl acetate: Ethyl acetate is the ester of ethanol and acetic acid. Colorless liquid with a characteristic sweet odor. Is often used in certain glues and nail polish removers. Relatively few gifbaar. Ethyl acetate is also present in sweets, perfumes, and fruits because it has a fruity odor, like many other esters. Alcohol (ethanol): Ethanol is a colorless, volatile liquid with a strong, characteristic odor. As a disinfectant and is used in many reigigingsmiddelen. A possible disadvantage is that this can greatly in the event of puncture wounds Aqua (water): Water is the chemical compound of two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom. Ricinus communis oil: Oil extracted from the Ricinus communis tree. The oil is also referred to as castor oil. Skin irritations disappear quickly by using this oil.
Argania jacs Spinosa oil (argan oil): Argan oil is vegetable oil extracted from seeds of fruits jacs that the argan tree, Argania jacs spinosa, jacs grow. Argan oil is rare and is used for consumption and medical purposes. The oil reduces the drying out of the skin, reduces wrinkles, reduces scarring and caring work with certain skin conditions. Glycerol (glycerine): Glycerol (glycerine) is extracted from vegetable oil or animal fat. Glycerin is a clear, colorless, odorless, water-soluble liquid. It is a substance that is able to hold water. 1 glycerol molecule is capable of binding six molecules of water. Glycerol containing products soften the skin. Glycerol is able to recover the hydration of the skin. Glycerin helps to remove dead skin cells and may help in the growth and development of skin cells. Glycerin is ao popular jacs as an ingredient in skin care products and hair conditioners. Cetyl acetate: Waxy solid that is poorly soluble in water. It has a moisturizing effect and makes the skin soft. Stearyl acetate: jacs May cause exciting around the eyes, skin and lungs. Stearyl alcohol is a compound selected from stearic acid, a naturally occurring fatty acid. Soothes. Oleyl Acetate: is an acetyl ester of oleyl alcohol. Soothes. jacs Acetylated lanolin alcohol (Acetylated lanolin alcohol): Will gebruitkt as a plasticizer to soften the skin. For people with blackheads this substance can be better avoided. The substance is highly comedogenic. The clog pores and cause blackheads. Perfume: In order to make the product more attractive jacs cosmetic, in order to mask the fragrance emulsion and to impart a particular experience to the product. By perfume in cosmetics may develop allergic reaction. As you can see there are already especially nurturing and non-harmful substances in nail polish remover. The fruity aroma is so ethyl acetate, an ingredient which one tops the list. The only drawback is that there is relatively much alcohol is in the nail polish remover. For 2.49 you should definitely try this nail polish remover. He works so convenient and easy. In addition, the nail polish remover contains no harmful substances, it provides my nails and cuticles well and leaves a delicious fruity scent on my nails. The Kruidvat quick and easy nail polish remover jacs is available at Kruidvat jacs for 2.49.
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