Saturday, April 4, 2015

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Among other things, drinking bottles and cartons for toidusäilitamiseks used in the manufacture of Bisphenol A, a chemical mimics the hormone estrogen effect and forcing Tufts University researchers in the journal Endocrinology according to research presented in female mice to behave similarly in male specimens, writes New Scientist. Ana Soto led the research team injected bisphenol Ad emahiirte lactating tissues, and it changed their female offspring masculine. Mouse pups in the body are involved in doses comparable to those in human urine, say researchers impedancia found the amount of chemical equivalents. "Mehistunud" reproductive female impedancia mice was responsible for the regions of neurons in the less twice the normal level, that is, the same quantity, as is usually the male mice. Influences of bisphenol A in female mice behaved similarly to standard Behavioral more male rodents. However, the experts point out that the impact of a given substance in humans may not be as strong as they are released to the organism in the food passes through the digestive tract of bisphenol A, but this experiment, the mice were injected directly into the tissues.
View my complete profile send me the latest news from the Islamic terrorists might attack the Egyptian culture ... WWF: magnets, sharks off the hook to save evaluated asteroid tsunami risk common eye disease detection became easier Lama Molecular allows quick caffeine test trip abroad, from an increasing number of infectious diseases ... In the laboratory impedancia will be discussed crumbling comet and the tu ... smoking parents raise their child's risk of cancer associated with risk of heart attack found two genetic impedancia research: the case of a pandemic, ESMA should be vaccinated ...

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