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The patches do not win the game: evidence from the field efficiency - very - on aid for smoking ces

"Formaldehyde vapor present in the electronic cigarette: some questions and concerns | Home | The French state by Remote Control Agence France Presse (AFP) to denigrate Electronic Cigarette" 22/01/2015
Vapoter he protects from the cold? A survey of Prof. Molimard had we launched on 17 December. A few dozen supporters of sustainable vapotage kindly respond. Here is the analysis that made Professor Molimard.
I thank all vapoteurs who agreed to meet my little questionnaire about the frequency and duration of colds they had suffered, comparing respectively the periods before and after they began to use their "personal vaporizer."
Statistically, there is less of a chance for a thousand these differences may be due to chance alone. However, be careful not to conclude that the benefit of vapotage: epidemics are capricious and may have skewed respectively the results; the memories are sometimes imprecise; vapoteurs the respondents probably have a bias.
Personally, I stopped smoking there are more than 50 years and had bought a vapilo respectively * in order to treat my cold. The result on me and around me seemed great but family year-end meetings were conducive to the spread of a virus that blocked me a good couple of weeks: this has dampened my enthusiasm ...
It is therefore an indication and prior to state, it would set up a larger study comparing in one winter vapent and those who do not vapent. It would be very heavy to hold. That everyone keeps the idea that his vapilo could be useful to spend the winters: if it turned out, the experience will eventually show ...
I strongly believe that propylene glycol is causing the complete disappearance of my asthma. Indeed, before moving to vapotage there three years ago, I was asthmatic as to have ended once to the hospital for a particularly violent attack. This asthma completely ruining my life has completely disappeared as soon as I started to vapoter. This testimony respectively to bring my modest stone to the building ... Bravo for all this work. Christine Delfosse
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