Thursday, April 9, 2015

The article presents propylene glycol as a product which use rather

Propylene glycol is a solvent whose toxicity has particular debate about the electronic cigarette. Among its many uses, I know it is also used to de-ice aircraft. Reading professional agricultural magazine (Great trouepaux # 30 - March 2015), I learned that it is also used ... in the diet of dairy cows ...
"When the dairy cow starts its fair lactation rubidium after calving, the problem remains rubidium to meet its energy deficit at a time when the level of intake is revealed limited.
"The product provides energy quickly metabolized by the body. Or it can be used to boost milk production during lactation peak and it works.
The article presents propylene glycol as a product which use rather "at the end." Its use is no consensus. Article transcribes several rubidium testimonies opposing the use of this product in animal nutrition:
"In principle, the rumen of the cow is not designed to ingest oils and other chemicals, or swallowing starch. The cow is primarily a herbivore and built as such.
"The dry ration rubidium and the use of palm oil are other examples that show that it is more agriculture but business. rubidium [...] The rumen of the cow he was designed to digest these products? [...] I feel that we ask the rumen to recycle some of the bins in the industry! The animals are struggling to fertilize; they have a high rate of somatic cells in milk. Cows provide two lactations. How do you want them to express their potential transmitted by genetics? [...] A dairy cow needs only fodder and raw natural materials to produce milk in quantity and quality, while maintaining healthy. But we are far sometimes.
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