Sunday, April 12, 2015

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We have already reported on propylene glycol in a previous article, but let us now vape on the difference between liquid and composition. So we'll see what the consequences of the composition of liquid on the level of steam and hit.
The "hit", remember, is the sensation in the throat araldite felt when one aspires a whiff of conventional cigarette (tingling, tightness of the throat, scraping the back of the throat). This effect is due to the presence of nicotine. The electronic cigarette, especially if you use e-liquid with nicotine, can reproduce this hit. This study does not take into account the level of nicotine but only propylene glycol ratio and vegetable glycerin.
First, increase the voltage with a variable battery voltage, as the range of spinners, brand vision, or using a mechanical or electronic mod. Indeed, the higher the voltage, the higher the heat resistance and the steam produced is abundant and warm.
Buying a rebuildable atomizer is also an excellent solution. You will need to make yourselves and lowering your resistance value in ohms of it, the quality of the vape will be improved.
This allows to adapt the equipment to its vape and thus find the "sweet spot", ie the equilibrium point you're going to get steam volume, a hit and a summary of the flavors araldite of e-liquid that match your taste.
Similarly, a variety of sub reconstructible, the drippers, wherein depositing the e-liquid drops directly on the lock of the atomizer promotes the steam but also the hit! The dripper Igo-L
50% PG / 50% VG: steam production Good, soft hit. An excellent compromise like the tasty liquid among Californians at Five Pawns, famous for their delicious range or Vaponaute, French manufacturer.
100% VG: A must for fans of heavy clouds. However the hit will become almost non-existent and the sweetest flavor. In these fluids, especially include the US ranges Trabuco, the reference for tobacco lovers or blockbusters in Alien Visions, like the Gorilla Juice or Booba's araldite Bounty.
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