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Open the bottle are both larger than the usual plastic bottle, so you can wash well, okay, although

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Pure drinking water is in my opinion one of the most important components of good health. Since I do a fair amount of exercise, it takes me to the water is still quite a bit: 1.5-3 liters per day. 99% of the time line of ordinary tap water because it tastes to me the most and is the most favorable.
But I have a bad habit of using one of the usual single bottle or bottles of the wheel, so to speak too long. Not to mention the bacteria that remain in the bottle, a plastic can be extremely harmful to the material on health. G makes comments to me all the time that I am still the usual glass bottle made of glass or at least running. The glass bottle is, after all, but soooo hard to carry and eventually take over no plastic gears. Comfort above all!
Equa water bottles are safe for your health and the environment around you. The bottle is easy to use and thanks to the durable materials, it may be your companion for a bottle of equa to 10 years. Do not leave aside the fact that bottled water is up to 255 times more expensive than tap water. So by drinking from the bottle equa save you both nature and hold the money.
Equa you have the option to consume a bottle of clean tap water with you wherever you go. Equa green bottles are manufactured from high grade, Eastman Tritan plastic, which does not contain bisphenol Ad. Bisphenol A (abbreviated as BPA) is a widely used component of consumer products, including disposable water bottles. bhi BPA can be released for Plastic your drink and cause a risk to your health.
Equa water bottles are convenient and trendy design. You can use them everywhere where it is necessary to quench the thirst - school, work, workout, hike, or even while traveling. The stylish design of the bottle is like a tasteful accessory that suits you send to you wherever you go. Due to the high temperature stability of the bottle can then also enjoy hot beverages.
Plastic bottle for a few weeks now I have been in the dance, and a glass bottle having Library. Just a glass bottle was the biggest surprise, because it is so easy! It could easily carry a handbag.
But how is a bottle of washing? The opening is so large as to be free to be washed without pudeliharjata? And the risk of breakage of the glass bottle is not, for example, when working out or bring a bag to throw things together?
Open the bottle are both larger than the usual plastic bottle, so you can wash well, okay, although a connoisseur of the brush is still comfortable. Glass bottle I have not yet taken the lead workout because Kardang that might be damaged. There is a break-up, but in my opinion it is not so fragile as glass somehow bhi "normal" glass. bhi
Reelika 05/12/2013 at 14:36 #
Being've been thinking about that one matches the bottle to worry about any of factly. Several months ago while watching and studying them, but do not buy any. Now, when I wrote about the topic came to me and ordered me to remind ourselves like plastic, but the violet color. I have to admit that I am very satisfied! And one day, be sure to also worry about your glass option
The real difference is plenty bhi of times higher - at some point reckon Outright 1000 times (and it is not the most expensive bottled water compared). Clue - Tartu 1000 liters of water supply today will pay EUR 1.90 (including taxes, cleaning bhi and sewerage charges, without them, 00:58).
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