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one has the impression of a real neutrality inhalation, I think it is an interesting innovation tha

It is only at the beginning of the evolution of the electronic cigarette, and innovations are already numerous. After eliquides "Made in France", the eliquides 100% VG and so-called liquid "bio", here is a new type of liquid for your electronic lie vaporizer.
Indeed, manufacturers of branded Ilixir testing a new molecule that could (according to them) revolutionize vape: the propanediol. And besides, it's a French cash! That is what stir my curiosity.
Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin have yet emerged as the best and safest combination for the composition of a eliquide. lie Allowing the first transport flavorings and nicotine and the second is responsible for the formation of steam.
Today we experimented with propanediol (or should I say "propane-1,3-diol"). Long known, and very close Propylene lie Glycol already used our e-liquids ("propane-1,2-diol"), it is yet had never dared to use it in the world of vape.
This "new" molecule is also used in the food and cosmetic industry and therefore seems harmful. The company has also obtained without difficulty, lie European certifications REACH (, EFSA ( lie ) and has passed safety tests EUROTOX ( (commonly validated tests and checks with the current composition of the vast majority of eliquide we vapotons).
Besides its low harmfulness and its toxicological profile, propanediol offers some advantages over its neighboring lie molecules. Heated with your clearomizer, it turns to steam too, but the released particles (depending on the manufacturer) would better convey nicotine lie and flavors.
This compound provide sensations and closest to the traditional lie cigarette experience. The propanediol naturally provides a tobacco flavor (even without added flavors) and a hit (even without added nicotine). Real benefits or business case?
Already despite numerous scientific studies on the effects of PG and VG, policies are having a field day to demonize our vape that is he going to happen with this molecule which we know almost nothing, even if the company advocates a 100% vegetable liquid. Dealing therefore follow their facebook page:
I really lie hope it does not is a marketing coup as these eliquides in PEG400 that was there a few months on the market. Yet praised for their benefits, they were eventually abandoned.
The eliquides Ilixir are only available in base form (without flavorings), and you can now test ... if you are willing to pay full price! Vapoteurs because many already complain about the price, before even having tested!
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one has the impression of a real neutrality inhalation, I think it is an interesting innovation that goes in the right direction apparently (vapoter safe ???) leave the progress and develop and can be that eventually adopt the range of compatible flavors ... ..why not ???
Question lie vap, there are true that it is not comparable to the bases PG / VG tested on ATLANTIS, for me vap becomes (round lie and dense) lie from 25W and suction longest time as well, and ais the impression that the record volume density lie does not increase past the 25W ??? in conclusion I would say that the record vap is far below the traditional base PG / VG but cons, it's a product that asks only to improve thereafter, if he can avoid potential hazards that could lay the PG / VG long term thereafter ??? ... ..This would all proven to be beneficial and good for us that we have become Vapoteurs lie .............................................
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