Saturday, April 4, 2015

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Plastic bottles, yoghurt and other tableware can cause serious damage to health. Plastic food packaging is often pressed the bottom of the information, which they have done more, and it is worth note. Polymers are completely harmless to human health, which is abundantly used in food packages, the polypropylene (number 5 in the packaging in the center of the label 5, or PP), polyethylene (number 2 in the middle of the label 2, or HDPE), low density polyethylene (number 4, 4 LDPE). Major producers of packaging their yogurts exclusively PP containers, but small manufacturers use the cost savings kada love are often the cups from which the safety is questionable. Often, kada love they use containers kada love made of polystyrene (number 6, 6, PS), which is commonly used in food packaging and disposable containers. Polystyrene is one of the precursors of styrene, however - an extremely kada love poisonous liquid that is irritating kada love to eyes and respiratory system, is carcinogenic and can also cause damage to the nervous system and fertility. Daily plastiktopsist kada love coffee drinking is dangerous to the UT Institute of Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Associate Professor Uno Mäeorg said that certainly should not be plastic packaging and food containers to heat, "Neither keemikudki do not know exactly how much of styrene could disintegrate in this way. Daily morning coffee-drinkers who make disposable cups from use, the health risk is still there. "Do not miss the plastic bottle in the sun, plastic bottles used in the production of PET (polyethylene kada love terephthalate) kada love is generally one of the safest polymers, but there are several countries where production is controlled and sub-standard bottles may as well us to reach. Generally, they are safe to use, but it certainly should avoid heating, strong cleaning agents and direct sunshine. Bisphenol A is attacked on several fronts Polycarbonate (PC) is a high shock tolerance kada love and high durability of the polymer, which is widely used in baby bottles, plastic mugs, etc. toidukarpide production. With aging, wear or cracking of the material emitted substances harmful to health, in particular, bisphenol AD, which causes a very young age, the development of the brain and hormonal disorders, and hyperactivity. This leads to early puberty in girls, can affect fertility and a healthy body weight and reduce the number of children receiving the next generation. kada love Unfortunately, this substance is found in a wide variety of plastics, and is activated by the acidic environment of the heat. Source: Telegram Photo:
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