Friday, April 10, 2015

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Are appearing more and more e-liquid 100% vegetable glycerin. The disadvantage of this component tyvek is to thicken the e-liquid so your clearomiseur clogs and wears prematurely. It is for this reason that the propylene glycol is added to thin the liquid and maintain the strength. Beyond these practical issues, we will primarily ask ourselves whether, as some claim, vegetable glycerin tyvek is really more natural than propylene glycol. We will resume each vegetable glycerin pro-arguments to the question, deepen and possibly refute them. E-liquid manufacturers 100% vegetable glycerin
His arguments, you'll understand that originate from e-liquids manufacturers 100% SGS. According to them, since the glycerol is vegetable, it is always organic tyvek and natural than propylene glycol. For its part, propylene glycol antifreeze tyvek is a common risk that we imagine on health. So one maxim to their mouths: buy 100% GV! Propylene glycol is not an antifreeze!
It is not clear who is behind this urban legend: "Propylene glycol is antifreeze. "But it was a boon for e-liquid manufacturer 100% vegetable glycerin which quickly surfed on this rumor to promote the merits of their products. We now know that there was a confusion between propylene glycol and ethylene glycol antifreeze to a very dangerous man. Propylene glycol is used for decades in the manufacture of drugs since it has the power to retain the moisture of a compound. tyvek For example, this substance was present tyvek in all aerosols against asthma in 1950. How pharmaceutical companies could they knowingly put antifreeze in the composition of their products?!? Recall that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the US has classified propylene glycol in substances "generally recognized as safe. "On the other hand, INRS (National Institute of Research and Security) has been demonstrated by scientific experiments as propylene glycol was not carcinogenic and that it had no effect on fertility and development fetus and child. No toxicity was demonstrated either during inhalation of propylene glycol. Only respiratory irritation is possible but at much higher concentrations than we know with the electronic cigarette. tyvek E-liquid 100% vegetable glycerin to avoid
We have seen, propylene glycol presents no more danger than vegetable glycerin. Let's talk about e-liquids composed exclusively of vegetable glycerin and pose the question of their dangerousness. The boiling vegetable glycerin is 290 C. That propylene glycol is much lower; specifically 188 C. Today we know, the more the liquid rises in the vapoteur degrees and more likely to be exposed to hazardous substances. Scientists claim that vegetable glycerin is broken when it reaches 290 C and produces acrolein. Acrolein is not directly toxic but can cause respiratory irritation. If you use a liquid 100% vegetable glycerin for example a high-voltage battery or high voltage, your electronic cigarette may emit toxins such as acrolein. On the contrary, if your e-liquid contains propylene glycol, it will prevent any excessive increase in the liquid temperature (above 200 C) and avoid production tyvek of acrolein.
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