Thursday, April 30, 2015

It is First of all, but I do I have to buy a notebook for the living that, still image processing i

Anyway notebook PC is broken. It is completely vagus then what good you buy. - Rocketboy Digital
HP is made of 15.6inch notebook PC you are using in the living room was broken the other day. Windows monitor is black but I like a'm standing up. Although the resurrection monitor about once in 50 times, or to black at the time of restart. It was placed in a living room a 11inch note of recent frequency of use was low ASUS by that. Soshitara few days later, it broke nearly somehow have cracked so2 monitor. Feeling that something was closing the monitor while it is placed on top of the keyboard is. .... I wonder if the family did Even before notebook so2 PC that has about 300,000 that Vaio Blu-ray model also had, but it was broken. L series after Vaio also have type U also broken.
Recently have every day carry the Chromebook, Though he has been or writing articles outside, indeed image processing is strictly in the Chromebook, the power does not turn also to somehow blog post. When overlooking the Starbucks as usual MacBook rate though not even in the city is high, people of consciousness high system is something work diligently. In the heart without any smile has been the work. Again mind wonder so2 there is "something" to become rich. Even if from me that without connecting the power of the Chromebook are working while showing a margin, it can not help but still feel the disparity society. Exactly Piketi says "the rich more and more to be rich, poor the life remains so2 poor" microcosm is here of "21st Century capital" that. No, I do not.
It is First of all, but I do I have to buy a notebook for the living that, still image processing in the DPP and Lightroom is first. And Nico Nico family, I tried dancing, I tried to sing, VOCALOID center .... Honestly do is this only. And it is good not broken. Budget Good luck Good luck 200 000 ... Oh, still 15 inches of MacBook Pro Do not buy .... Or other good at DELL or HP. No broken If you wait to get a new one monohydric Lenovo of 50,000 about because in feeling. Oh wait, or likely to buy if the iMac. Reluctantly to me who was reading, everyone else the DOS / V magazine from the first issue, the first place and whether the use is Mac ...
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