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Town Planning 376 Japan and social design 309 energy 305 meals of the world and agriculture 189 our power 179 social good 167 Manufacturing 160 Close children 158 earthquake reconstruction 131 a Piece of Social Innovation 126 environment 120 living ruler 91 Fashion 77 Maipuro SHOWCASE Tohoku Hen 64 Maipuro SHOWCASE tpr Kansai ed with Osaka Gas 63 MAD "Life" Gallery 51 R hydrogen 51 seen as Read GOOD IDEA OF THE YEAR 51 Inclusive 50 international exchange 39 health 36 people with disabilities 30 messages 26 green from the disaster 26 earthquake in '20 Kobe drinks Japan 25 Hello life of Hito-jin 21 elderly 20 democratic politics 19 of music of reconstruction starting from urban development project 19 Manufacturing story 18 Maipuro LONDON 15 green drinks Tokyo 15 child-rearing Terakoya 14 STORY OF MY DOTS 13 Maipuro SHOWCASE Fukuoka ed with Nishi-Nippon Railroad 13 of editing school graduation Movies 12 working styles 11 Maipuro story 11 On Feed 9 politics of how to use 8 of corporate entrepreneurs tpr 8 HOW TO BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR 8 Shibuya University of recommend 8 field of campus life 8 Nora life invention 8 manga social design 7 greenz TOY 6 of the passive house 5 mom every-work, that cheek a generation of ABCs 6 DIY wedding sample pledge 6 Our Future Scenario 6 Renovation town planning practice Symbol 6 evil ways of Career Design 5 + α Jibun-goto 5 trip to Greens of secret 5 social action first year 4 diversity 4 green books 4 News from How to make 3 Greens of Rolex Award Greens collaboration tpr series 4 Greens work 3 CSV 3 Sport 3 Recommended series! 2 Greens planning two education 1 Iron'nasenaka 1 greenz Talk! 1
Europe 268 North America 258 Tokyo 207 Asia 77 Chiba 66 Miyagi 65 Osaka 64 Close Hyogo 52 Kanagawa 51 South America 42 Africa 40 Fukuoka 39 World 35 Kyoto 33 Iwate 27 Oceania 22 Fukushima 21 Nara 19 Hokkaido 16 Kagoshima 14 Okayama 12 Shimane 11 Northeast 11 Nagano 10 Okinawa 10 Gifu 9 Aomori tpr 8 Shiga 7 Yamaguchi 7 Shizuoka tpr 6 Wakayama Yamagata 6 6 6 Kochi Saitama 5 Ibaraki 5 Kanto 5 Miyazaki 4 Gunma 4 Akita 4 Fukui 4 Aichi 4 Tottori 4 Hiroshima 4 Kinki 4 Niigata 3 Ehime 3 China 3 Yamanashi 3 triple 2 Ishikawa 2 Tochigi 2 Kagawa 2 Tokushima 2 Nagasaki Kumamoto 2 2 2 Shikoku Kyushu 2 Toyama 1 Oita 1 Saga 1
GREEN POWER 149 Miratsuku 122 SuMiKa 80 Osaka Gas 59 MAD City 57 R hydrogen network 49 Kobe 26 Close Hello life 22 greenz people 20 Yamaha Music Japan 19 spinning and 18 Tentosen 17 Yokoo Toshinari 16 Otonanosenaka 16 Osaka united 14 Nishitetsu Tenjin Committee 13 standby 11 Happiness tpr Architect tpr 11 Santa's daughter-in-law 9 manganite 8 Shibuya University 8 men vegetables section 8 Papa remains the most beautiful village before to 6 with Japan to become the Union 6 Happy Outdoor Wedding 6 National Institute for Environmental Studies 6 work travel agency 5 Renovation School 5 Rolex 4 watering Battle 3 COLOR 1 Tsukuruba 1
Was formed four years ago, "Tokyo Bubbles Club", in addition to was introduce in in June 2011, also appeared in a number of media. Nationwide the wheel has spread. Referred to as "propose a lifestyle with soap bubbles instead of tobacco", it is fairly simple activity. Photo by Nao Manabe
Query Shabosute referred to as "you want to place the store, such as Cafe" "I want to set up the company" tpr also MYCOM to the original Shabonzu. Although it is layers tpr and convey the idea than say I get like this, than hope of commercialization often?
But, "while also doing other things, I want to loose continuation" for members of Shabonzu to pray with, did not real intention to activities to be deprived of their time. Your members will lead to the conclusion that the "work hard not last When unreasonable tries" from this experience. Members also address the new Maipuro
And I think members can Kondo Maipuro there is a kind of talent, and creativity is amazing are reading each blog. Its greatness is, but I'm funny and fine line.
Sugimoto's tpr bubble maker of personnel's, tpr I'm always asks at the end of mail me "still do not do? Tired like soap bubbles?". When I was with I'll work hard Kondo us, to think that it had quit and surely the way tired. Length portion's likely. By "work tpr hard not Shiyou Yo as" If anyone try to do in the area and working hard is wonder if our message. I mean, not a not a mon blow Good luck, this. Hey since you crack Hirano, if you blew it luck. Length portion's your, I say a good thing. If you work hard, I would also crack team.
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"Greenz people" is a person of donation members who support the operations and article delivery of non-profit media "" that the NPO Greens operated. article "greenz people" has become a partner, a membership fee that we have received from our members, utilizing writer's manuscript fees, such as the coverage expenses, and we deliver. Greens in the future, in order to go to take root more social design in Japan, the new plan with surprise and learning, we believe that Yukitai gimmick rapidly. Become a greenz people, those who Kudasaru to support the Greens tpr of activities, please visit the following page. greenz people of (Greens tpr member) details

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