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Every supermarket sold to the cream is found in a myriad of võõröstrogeene. They are absorbed direc

I like to take a holistic nahco3 way of thinking, according to which we create our own body. Every choice we eat, drink, stain the body directly affects your cells. Our body is sensitive elektromagneetiine sensors, all of which affects everything. There is a saying for that: the body is a temple. And do not leave the temple of garbage. Often blames his poor health for viruses, bad weather, bad genes, taking nahco3 into account what we are doing your own lifestyle.
For example, studies have shown that before nahco3 the age of 20 anti-baby nahco3 pills started to consume nahco3 women are more likely to suffer from ovulation nahco3 and fertility problems, and by developing breast cancer more often. Also, hormone nahco3 replacement therapy should not be in favor of women's health in the long run. Scientific studies have proven that women who are more than 5 years hormoonasendusravimeid use increases nahco3 the risk of breast and ovarian cancer. The body is unable to synthetic hormones, however, are often adapt and accept. If possible, could alleviate klimakteeriumivaeguste change eating habits and the use of synthetic hormones instead of crop-based alternatives. The diets of the amendment was also supported by the fact that mainly vegetarian food eaten Japanese women do not know what constitutes a transitional period for hot flashes, until there came also in its western toitumisstiil plenty of meat and dairy consumption.
The International Agency for Research on Cancer as a pill as hormone replacement therapy in 2005 already publicly nahco3 declared the group I carcinogen, as a rule, but somehow it is not widely spoken ...
Hormonal disorder caused by the hazardous or xeno võõröstrogeenid - chemicals found in the environment that mimic the female hormone estrogen produced in the body, causing health problems and inconsistencies. Body Strangers synthetic ksenoöstrogeenid accumulate in our body and can cause a phenomenon called estrogen dominance of (parts too. K estrogen dominance), which include symptoms of PMS, endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, migraines, depression, breast cancer, and many more.
Phthalates (parts too. K. Dibutyl nahco3 phthalate nahco3 (DBP) and di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), Benzyl butyl phthalate, or BBP BzBP) igapäevaolmes is very common. Phthalates are mostly used plastic softeners, as well as a number of lubricants, and solvents. They are found in cosmetics, toys, paints, adhesives, pesticides, and flooring. Phthalates are known as hormone disruptors department seriously. Is also suspected to cause cancer, tumors, causing birth defects and cause of allergic diseases. Today, the European Union has banned the use of phthalates be less than 3 years of age for the products, but our CPB constantly picks on sales leap off the high ftalaatidesisaldusega toys manufactured in China.
Every supermarket sold to the cream is found in a myriad of võõröstrogeene. They are absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the skin, starting from there kaskaadreaktsioone dangerous. It is now found in both their conception as well as preventing cancer by promoting effect.
Tricky ksenoöstrogeeni containing the chemical Bisphenol-A is the (BPA). This is a well spread household chemicals that may be present in food preservation in plastic containers, water bottles and cans as well as internal ones. One might think that bottled water is cleaner and healthier than tap water from the pipes, but the plastic bottle into the water seeped into poisons, however, we should think about to put down. Especially dangerous is going to matter if the plastic bottle in the sun to leave - the temperature nahco3 fluctuations affect ksenoöstrogeenide väljalekkimisele particularly nahco3 stimulating.
Ksenoöstrogeenid not accumulate in our body in one day or even one year, but until now have not been sufficiently studied, which will take place in our bodies to their rasvlahustusvate ksenoöstrogeenikoormatega decades. Nor how many different chemicals in our bodies is manifested synergistic nahco3 toxicity. When aggregated drunk water from a plastic bottle, plastic compounds in the air, cosmetics and skin-care agents are absorbed through the body starts shortly. We should be your everyday choices make every effort to avoid ksenoöstrogeene - health is not just keep drinking herbal teas.
Hormonal crippling affects the excessive use of pesticides and herbicides in agriculture. Especially sad makes the US hiigelkorporatsiooni created by Monsanto's Roundup plant poison reaches the fields of Estonia. Roundup is the active ingredient glyphosate, causing a large endocrine abnormalities in humans and animals. Glyphosate has demonstrated neurotoxic and teratogenic (fetal damaging) effects. All of us, but especially for the pregnant women should certainly refrain from contact with plant poisons!
Soy products for men and estrogen dominance of distress for women is not recommended, because the soybean contains a lot of Phytoestrogens, which also affect the hormones in the body. In the Middle Ages t

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