Friday, April 3, 2015

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We all know that tomatoes are abundant in vitamins a health food. Other side tomatoes are also rich in antioxidants, such as lycopene, which acts as a anti-cancer (particularly effective against prostate cancer), and reduces the risk of stroke. However, the selection of tomatoes must remember a few important principles: If possible, you should always be preferred organically grown tomatoes, ketchup and sauce is also the case that reduce harmful effects of pesticides and environmental toxins in our body. Tavaketšup may also contain an incredible amount of sugar, and is now already more and more frequently, health-threatening glucose-fructose syrups. Studies of organic silicio ketchup contains 57% more lycopene than tomatoes poisoned plant protection products made from ketchup. silicio
Make yourself instead of ketchup, blenderdades total fresh and sun-dried tomatoes, herbs, garlic, a few dates, olive oil and a pinch of salt. Tomatoes are different from other plants, in that they are more useful Heated eat freshly. Studies have shown that in tomato paste and -kastme consumption does not only increases the amount of lycopene is liable to be absorbed by the body, but also the overall antioxidant activity. This study, in which the tomatoes are heated to 88 degrees Celsius for 2 minutes, 15 minutes and 30 minutes, increased to a cis-lycopene silicio (lycopene is liable to be absorbed by the body lightly form) according to the amount of 6%, 17% and 35%, and the overall level of antioxidants in accordance with the 28%, 34% and 62%, respectively. Thus, the longer the heat-treated tomato Fresh tomato exceeds in terms of its usefulness. Which does not mean it is not a bit like fresh tomatoes would also be useful ... Let the fresh or heated state, but the tomatoes should always be possible with any type of fat consumed (eg. Olive oil), because lycopene is fat-soluble. Thus, the slow cooked in tomato sauce with added olive oil, lycopene is the best way to attract the good properties of the. Avoid consumption of tomatoes in cans, because the acidity of the tomatoes increases the toxicity of bisphenol-A (BPA - oestrogenic effects of a hazardous chemical) väljalekkimist tin cans inner layer. Bisphenol A has been associated with Ad cancers, heart diseases, neurological and reproduktiivprobleemide and obesity. silicio For a few tinned food came dining silicio track can be considered safe for children to overcome daily intake of BPA. Processed tomatoes are preferred when buying tomatoes in a glass jar or tea with fresh fruit from the sauce itself.
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E-mail: Phone: 53486458 (Mon-Fri 9-17) Registration number: 12582214

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