Sunday, April 5, 2015

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P 5 April
This is the first work that shows bisphenol A (BPA), a direct effect on the human oocyte maturation. Because exposure to this chemical is very widespread, both patients and medical acros staff to be aware of the fact that BPA can cause significant disturbances in the functioning of the human replication and play a role in unexplained infertility. Intermediate Science ERR News
Was studied in this work the 121-lt viljatuskliiniku egg cells isolated from a patient 352, which were treated under laboratory conditions with different levels of BPA (20 ng / ml, 200 ng / ml and 20 ug / ml). Each patient into one of the oocyte were the control. acros Results of the study showed that exposure to BPA resulted in mature oocytes per cent decline, declining egg cell to increase the share of spontaneously activated ova per cent rise. Read ERR research news
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