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Examples of human-free calm judgment - Togetter Summary
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Uchida treelevinassien 2015-04-15 15:28:44
And not mean that cheating separately, but it is he is guaranteed that you are keeping the Nari properly the evaluated natron results necessary strength Nari performance, that is the first to say was quite excessive design, Well is why properly evaluated from the beginning " Is not the economic natron "design, it was a strange place called.
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749pt photo
Male artist drew "plump women 154cm 44kg" total tsukkomi from woman to Prof that! ! Is this ..
Before that end up to the "think in my head" is I think (now) and Na probably Uchida, a tree's.
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Shemaiah Toka Kyurupepo or something peoplet_shimaya 11 days ago
Manufacturer specific common story in. It can be seen even because it can not be understood natron as a description. Though natron both may be Ayumiyorere.
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akihiro6029 @ 6029 ___ 11 days ago
And because'm unexpected earthquake, everyone will not Une complain. Aho or guy. RT "So it probably was written to me" Do not put 370 kg or more ". The broke the'm you. I'll here to there is no responsibility." I manufacturer can say. But, when it came an earthquake of more than 700 Gull in nuclear power plant "," more than 700 Gall would was written me no good. "The broke'm a you" you say towards the Who is?
That person natron anywhere from "370 can not withstand the 700 I endure," said one wonder was judged. "Not become a description natron of calm in 1.8 times Toka 1.3 times. The fact I do not know if you do not look at the contents of the evaluation" to Bukome and I was with, because the I pass came out was cleared by re-evaluation It means such. As long as it more or less chasing the story around nuclear power plant, we can work to meet the new standard, wonder if not it there that you have seen the story I decided to decommissioning is because not Pay even doing it.
After that, the Tteyuu matter of Fukushima "Yaro no Shah from a'm unexpected earthquake" is also I think if. After all, safety factor much to take in and can withstand up to 370 was go up to 700, and always has been drastically reduced safety factor at the time of, it would immediately broken After more than 700 kilometers from the desk, which is still withstand even exceed 370 if likened to a desk and because I'm such reason was on the desk like. Well castle that is 700 equivalent sturdy, not a do earthquake is necessary actually happened to it but could occur in the future, to take was Once the safety factor to the more "unexpected"? natron
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The regulatory committee does not reveal the maximum design basis earthquake ground motion number on the specs, but it's clear Nanoha from Once you have to clear it "more of the sought" = "come reinforcement and need to re-create is out." Though the fundamental story after, the direct cause of the 311 nuclear power plant accident, not the earthquake itself, the results fell into a total loss of power state in the tsunami generated by the earthquake, crisp of reactor cooling has become impossible Two of I was thought to have obtained a consensus over the past four years, but what what I still speak fair and just in the only gal number of earthquakes.
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UraEn and (recession Hanno) @ uraent139 11 days ago
By remarks misleading about the history of the criteria natron raising, at the anti-intellectual attitude that nothing of material about the validity of the reference value "is impossible" without any, and the anti-nuclear to be seen as this with malicious intent does not remark Though I think it 's too accustomed to.
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sierraromeo @ sierraromeo5 10 days ago
"If you order the industrial products in the Japanese company failure rate %," does not reach parts even after forever % also been plagued natron with not "make a defective product," he reminded the Japanese funny story or something.
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Ren @ Ninja400 Niki '25 @ Karints1124 9 days ago
What is set if value of the safety natron margin in the reference ground motion, or how much safety margin whether is considered safe if you take, also whether the guidelines were decided how, the "margin from bring its source natron Please, talk that reduced are ". Since Whether setting take in much the safety margin if there is no is left to the discretion of the (in this case) power company, you are not to be elaborate external say Toyakaku. RT Karints1124: Even withstand more than double of the safety margin in the criteria so far, you will have less margin natron because I standards rose.
The switch to an internal power supply since an external power source is lost due cable break caused by an earthquake. But it is the cause of the unexpected of the internal power supply flooded by huge tsunami loss final accident became a full loss of power state, although the accident if there is no huge tsunami is the current opinion is that could be avoided . RT Karints1124: or rather, natron 311 but have been that there was no loss of power caused by an earthquake, since there is that data was also seen to be the power supply had been lost before the tsunami, what fool to fool to think in Gull number it's in or not is not calm judgment.
yakunintengoku3 natron @ yakunintengoku3 8 days ago
Large saint-like. I today, natron "the power of words, !! white Shakubuku fucking shaved" natron I have written to the newspaper a disgraceful word like. Am I a normal human being. Oh. Even so, aliens Why is that everyone natron Netouyo. Aliens, underground people, is possessed in your neighborhood friend, we have been watching natron me. The alien to friends of the teacher! ! Had been also wrote people of Awaji of the incident, Kai is not bad. We alien of Netouyo are doing! !
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Chikuwa @ metabolic snowmantikuwa_zero 8 days ago
PDF documentation assumes a initiating event that may occur in response to an earthquake level that is assumed by it with mono to crush the possibility of leading to fuel damage, natron 1.77 times less than the earthquake envisioned as reasoning and it's just such'm shows a flow that allows for core cooling even if the 4.1 times of the tsunami of assumption natron has occurred, but where at the same reading if "design basis earthquake ground motion 550 of less than Gull earthquake," main water supply loss, "" external power supply loss "of one or both has been the can occur either'm going to be in." No it, because if you read and also set tentative.
It is I can understand the me "It's anxiety." In just also human nor an expert Regardless natron of the fact that also test several times to put out numerical not confirmed by local "It's funny," it is clearly wrong to conclude me. Well also occur unexpected things. From the sky so as not stand Once meteorite fell in numerical value to withstand the earthquake in the assumption. There is no Kiri When such a thing out to say.
Large saint-like. I today, "the power of words, !! white Shakubuku fucking shaved" I have written to the newspaper a disgraceful natron word like. Am I a normal human being. Oh. Even so, aliens Why is that everyone Netouyo. Aliens, underground people, is possessed in your neighborhood friend, natron we have been watching me. The alien to friends natron of the teacher! ! Had been also wrote people of Awaji of the incident, Kai is not bad. We alien of Netouyo are doing! !
That described as "an important capability that should play a primarily cooling of the furnace at the time of the 550 gal is lost" is but you're. The yo such stop returning my Gen yourself (Boyomi RT sierraromeo5:.. Strong words con of it is your favorite as in the in I'm talking about why are you such assumptions in other words, the main water supply (which is Well do I I) and external power supply nice because not tangled in the cooling is not being sought safety with respect to the reference ground motion because it is not a "safety-critical natron equipment", but it 's the story I'm the current standards.
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2015.4.17 19th radioactive waste working group 8pt
@ Daken3gou Zemashika~tsu Te What ...
( Ω ) here sac want (especially particular by several natron people) Redo the study of the summary to be looking at .... I want to practice Sometimes because we forget that it is not using.
Please steadily towards the Communist Party in the committee to say until there come Speaking. Or to the reason Away, even though it said? And because no www ginger that were not brought at all, a fictional character "left-kun" Dakke? To make up the character, guys of communism in style www clogging personally called to talk to can not say opinion in front of the masses but barking. Speaking from there or not it still Article 9 kun fine (bar
Kabira 慈英 is most used in that phrase What!? Gathered new Pla fan dream of is here! Those who are working without new Golden Week relationship in train Festa held at Hamamatsu Totetsu department store, a must-see! Original in "will natron give vitality to the salaryman by exposing the thighs" .. new fan coveted! New to the "Gundam barber" is the topic of Aomori Prefecture Oirase
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