Wednesday, April 8, 2015

As you know and that

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As you know and that's pkc one reason why you stopped smoking. pkc Cigarette continent over 4,000 harmful substances to humans including pkc dozens have been designated as carcinogenic. When talking ELECTRONICS cigarette, pkc the product that you distrust the most is propylene glycol, which creates steam. Before going into the details, here are the properties of propylene glycol - Colorless - Slightly viscous - Low volatility - If mixed with water - Absorbs moisture from the air (hygroscopic) - Renowned low toxicity - Vaporizes around 60C The National Institute of Research and Safety investigated the effects of this product. pkc The tests were conducted on cats, rats, rabbits, hamsters and on many human volunteers. Recall that the PG is consumed every day as an addendum to the thickener composition yogurt, chocolate, skin care products. It has thus been demonstrated pkc that PG does not exhibit high toxicity, even in the long term and high frequency. It caused no irritation and is not carcinogenic. In humans it is removed from the blood with a half-life of two hours and the body with a half-life of four hours (time taken by a substance pkc (molecule drug or other) pkc to lose half its pharmacological or physiological activity.) Some minor problems were observed but stopped after exposure and have no impact on health. In the context of the use of the e-cigarette, the concentration of PG is much smaller pkc than that tested in these studies. The alternative to PG remains vegetable pkc glycerin. It produces a vapor much denser but the flavors are less powerful. In summary, it eats, and breathes heals propylene glycol for years ... and no problems were noted truly!
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