Monday, April 6, 2015

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My favorite neoprene drink is water. In summer, this feature very much, because neoprene the summer is hot and the body sweats more. In winter the water line, but probably less. More line path (which is, of course, also is water). But the university at the time, I have always comes with a water bottle as the water fills the stomach, and is just great! Lately, however, neoprene I have read and heard so much about how plastic bottles can not be reused because of single-use plastic bottles containing the chemical bisphenol A. This chemical is harmful to humans, it causes such as breast cancer. I spoke about this in John. Previously, he was always a bed next to a large plastic bottle, which is constantly being filled. Namely, he drinks a lot of water during the night. But now, he threw it away. Since the meantime, I drank pomegranate juice in a glass bottle, and it was great, but now we keep the water inside it. Who is in the refrigerator to cool it would be a cooling water all the time. But in the meantime, I had begun to think about what to do when the university starts again. After all, I want to take over the water, but in my opinion every time a new water bottle Buying a bit of money squandering a big cock to get it .. after all, almost no cost!
However, when the greatest concern, the solution must also be! Indeed, I read Liina blog (HERE) that operates in Slovenia, one of the company who produces the equa bottles. These bottles are special because they do not contain the bisphenol A of the chemical. These plastic bottles can be used for almost 10 years. I knew as soon as you read, that I also ordered a bottle of the new. It cost 9.95, and Liina blog was also a code by which became the order of the bottle without the shipping. Super! The bottles are 400ml and 600ml sizes. The price is the same. I picked the biggest. With these bottles, is a very cool design! I picked neoprene a new purple cap (after all, my favorite color is purple: P). I ordered a bottle neoprene of your 4.juulil and today, exactly a week later, it arrived!
Very cool! I picked a bottle of your design and your own similar but, green and gray was. In recent neoprene days, I have, for example, in addition to water the strawberries blueberries in-put, fortunately, the higher the cap for those moderately high. Delete Reply
Cool :) Actually, I chose a bottle of it and then yours, but because I thought that this is yours, you will want a different: neoprene P Both cute in my opinion! neoprene The fruit is a really good idea. I wonder if the smoothie is also suitable to put in there? Delete Reply
Thank you, Sandra, that you so lovingly wrote equa bottle! As seen in this bottle fulfills exactly their goal - the health of the safe and attractive companion for every situation :) I believe that after the glass is BPA-free plastic material is best, where to keep your beverage. I hope that there is still a long equa bottle of your friends! (: Delete Reply
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