Monday, April 20, 2015

2015. 23 March. Agrotechnologies Vilnius College Faculty of Chemistry laboratory practicum cycle oc

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2015. 23 March. Agrotechnologies Vilnius College Faculty of Chemistry laboratory practicum cycle occurred "Chemistry - it's all around us," workshop "Alcohols, carbonyl compounds and carboxylic acids and their derivatives, Vilnius. Žvėryno silica gymnasium Q11. pupils, accompanied by a teacher's Vičkačkienė. Practical training was attended by 18 students. In the beginning was briefly silica repeated theoretical alcohols, carbonyl compounds and carboxylic course in which students actively responded to the questions, the teacher and the teacher announcing. After that, the students were divided into two groups, they are led by a lecturer D. Židonytė, technicians and SMD States. Students studied the properties of alcohols, synthesized diethyl ether and acetic acid ethyl ester, aldehydes recognize by silver mirror reaction, studied the strength of carboxylic acids and their thermal stability, strong oxidants found effects carboxylic acids, soaps examined properties.
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