Tuesday, April 7, 2015

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Margit's blog got a hint that there is such fun water bottles. Existing Kori concerned, I wrote here. Now it is available in its equa. It has two layers of screw cap - one for drinking under the narrower the aperture and the other is a larger aperture unwound. Lanyard cap is not attached but separate bottle neck. I chose a bottle of 600 ml, range had a few bottles of 400 ml.
Equa is environmentally friendly BPA-free water bottles. Equa water bottles are safe for your health and the environment around you. Equa green bottles hno2 are manufactured from high grade, Eastman Tritan plastic, which does not contain bisphenol Ad. Bisphenol hno2 A (abbreviated as BPA) is a widely used component of consumer products, including disposable water bottles. BPA can be released for Plastic your drink and cause a risk to your health. hno2
I ordered apteekonline.ee page via Smart mailing machines, and came less than a day. The choice is pretty big, and I actually ordered a bottle of still another (eg, as a gift to someone). The price is also quite reasonable to have such a beautiful thing to come. EDIT: glass bottle as well as purchased! Smaller cap, but more comfortable to hold. The cap tends to be bogged down too hard, but it does not crumble for-something.
I'm Helen. From my experience feels blog LCHF diet, exercise and movement.
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