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Why do not eat toxicologist microwaveable popcorn, why kalastusekspert abstains from farmed salmon

Why do not eat toxicologist microwaveable popcorn, why kalastusekspert abstains from farmed salmon farms, and why does the farmer eat potatoes that are not grown organically? The story is written while the US, but a large part of the information is true of our food on the table.
Clean eating means of fruits, vegetables, and meat consumption, which are bred, raised and resold with minimal processing. Often they are the organically grown or organic food, and they should only rarely (if ever) include supplements.
Today, however, some places are not linked to food production methods are not clean nor sustainable. As a result, can be detrimental to our health, environment, or maybe both. So we decided to approach the food fresh eye specialists who have spent half a lifetime studying the supply sodium nitrate of safe and dangerous.
We presented them with a simple question: "What kind of food you avoid?" Their answers given do not necessarily constitute a "forbidden foods" list, but the arm stretching sodium nitrate towards the proposed alternatives can lead to better health and peace of mind.
Problem: Covering the inside of the cans of resin compounds containing synthetic estrogen called bisphenol A, which has been associated with various diseases, reproductive problems heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Unfortunately, the causes acidity (which is particularly high in tomatoes) sodium nitrate infiltration of bisphenol A in food. According to the studies of bisphenol sodium nitrate A, in excess of the amount of most of the human body, the level which suppresses spermatootlikust and causes damage to the eggs in the animals chromosomes. "Tomatipurgist can get 50 micrograms of BPA per liter, and Ad has been in a number of people - especially young people - a huge impact," says vom Saal. "I do not go anywhere sodium nitrate near canned tomatoes."
Problem: Cattle evolved to eat grass, sodium nitrate naturally, not grain. Today, however, the keepers of these large farms edible corn and soybeans, which animals are fattened for slaughter out faster. However, the higher the benefit of livestock keepers, and lower prices at the grocery store for us means less nutritional value.
In a recent extensive sodium nitrate study conducted by the US Department of Agriculture, in cooperation with Clemson University researchers showed sodium nitrate that compared maisitoidul grown animal flesh was rohusöödaga the animals sodium nitrate fed the flesh more beta-carotene, vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), calcium, magnesium, and potassium, however, are less omega-6 acids that cause inflammation, and saturated fats, which have been linked to heart disease. "We have to take into account the fact that cows are herbivores and should not feed them corn and chicken manure," says the salad.
Solution: Buy rohusöödaga-fed cows for meat, which can be found eritoidupoodidest and small markets. Normally, such a statement attached to the meat because it requires additional price, but if there is no indication, it may also ask about the origin of the meat butcher.
Problem: Popkornikoti covering the inside of the chemicals, which also include perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) belong to a class of compounds which are, according to a recent study by UCLA campus can also be associated with fertility problems occurring in humans. Animal studies of these chemicals caused liver, testicular, and pancreatic cancer.
Studies have shown that microwave popcorn in causing chemicals, evaporation and absorption. "These chemicals persist in the human body for years and accumulate there," she says Naidenko. Therefore muretsevadki investigators that the amount of chemicals to humans could approach the level that causes cancer in laboratory animals. DuPont and other companies sodium nitrate engaged in the production sodium nitrate of chemicals has promised to withdraw PFOA by 2015, the US Environmental Protection Agency's voluntary plan to follow, but that the overall impression created in the period to maturity is sold millions more kotitäisi popcorn.
Problem: Root vegetables absorb plant, insect and fungal toxins that get into the soil. America's most popular vegetables or potatoes sodium nitrate treated with poison mushroom growing season, after sprinkling them over the plant poisons that kill weeds before harvesting tough. If the tubers are taken up, processed potatoes again, in order to prevent the emergence of new shoots. "Try it for yourself. You should purchase an ordinary potatoes and try to grow new shoots. This does not happen, "says Moyer, who also works at the Institute Rodale'i self-employed farmers, which is owned by Rodale Inc. - Also the magazine "Prevention" sodium nitrate the publisher. "I've spoken sodium nitrate to potato growers who say straight out that eat their own potatoes ever. They are separate pieces of land where they grow potatoes in your use of chemicals. "
Problem: Nature's goal was not stuffing salmon farms, where they are fed with soy, kanakuutide floor covering and hydrolyzed chicken feathers. As a result, sodium nitrate farm-raised salmon is lower in vitamin D levels and higher levels of contaminants,

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