Sunday, March 1, 2015

What do you say new desing? What do you think of it in terms of the past? It

So last month for me is the fact děsnej.Já kagaku na yatsura the chemistry and nesnáším.Ale with the čtycou want to do something, so I slipped so deeply that I have sacrificed their precious kagaku na yatsura time just chemical názvoslloví and who speaks Spanish as well as a professor at me, He maybe this will help: Symbolism: - To indicate pure substances used Chemical symbol = symbol for one atom of the element. kagaku na yatsura - For the cations and anions of elements are used with respective marks ionic charge (Cl-, Na +). - To write more free atoms substance use stoichiometric coefficient (3 Na). - To the contrary, write the number of atoms in the molecule bound element, use the index (Br2). - For each element we can use the nuclear proton kagaku na yatsura number and find out how much the nucleus of protons and neutrons and how the electrons packaging. Principles of nomenclature of inorganic compounds: - Registration kagaku na yatsura inorganic compound consists of a material and the adjective (sodium hydroxide, acid cheese). - When entering the required oxidation number of elements that have such and such a compound, which can be found in PSP. - Oxidation numbers are in the range from -IV to + VIII, negative oxidation numbers have only non-metals. - Alone element always has the oxidation number 0 - terminals of negative oxidation numbers are always -id and connect to the Latin names of elements (chloride, sulfide) - positive kagaku na yatsura oxidation terminals 1 to 7 are: 1-NY, 2-oxide, kagaku na yatsura 3- dioxide, 4-ICIT, 5-ičný -ečný, AC-6, 7-Net, 8-ICEL, and join the Czech names of elements. - When assembling the formulas it is assumed that the sum of the oxidation kagaku na yatsura numbers in the molecule is 0! Terminology two-element (binary) compounds: - The main binary compounds include oxides O-II S-II sulfides, hydrides kagaku na yatsura HI Carbide C-IV, N-III nitrides and halides -I (Fl, Cl, Br, I,) - The compilation of patterns in all cases is very similar, and the fact that they always know when we write the name of the compound first two elements kagaku na yatsura of the brand, then a letter negative oxidation number for the anion, which we know, and then enter the oxidation number of the cation kagaku na yatsura (1-7) by ending, finally if necessary to specify an index to the sum of the oxidation numbers molecule 0 (potassium oxide K2IO-II). Terminology of multi-component compounds: Hydroxides: - 3-element compound formed metal cation and the anion OH - Quantifying is the same as halides, taking the OH group as one element. Acids: - is broken down into oxygen and oxygen free - When drawing patterns in oxyacids kagaku na yatsura it is assumed that hydrogen is always oxidyční number +1 and oxygen has oxidyční number -2. Use the tips acids write oxidyční central element number and enter the required indexes to all elements that sum oxidation numbers in a molecule again 0. - When the central kagaku na yatsura prvrk even oxidation number will have hydrogen index 2nd - When the acid contains more than two hydrogens, Its name must be expressed using prefixes that belong to each number: mono-, di-, tri-, ... (phosphoric acid Tribasic) Soli - ionic compounds formed metal cation and anion acid (after the separation of hydrogen) kagaku na yatsura - The names of the oxygen acid salts -an end in and of bezkyslíkatých acids -id
What do you say new desing? What do you think of it in terms of the past? It's great! Nice, but it was better before. Fair I really do not like that before was nicer. Terror !!! I like, but I can not compare with the first one, because I am here for the first time. I do not like, but I can not compare with the first one, I am here for the first time.

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