Monday, March 16, 2015 authorize the processing of personal data (Legislative Decree 196/03) and the se

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September 1, 2014
Sure, 3/2 may seem few. Make small daily repetitive tasks that you undertake minimum fractions of time. Often many times a day. Among these, click the "Reply" in an email, or a message LinkedIn. Multiply these 3 seconds for the average number of emails a day and then send for the days in a year ...
For example, assuming a low number of emails a day on which answer (eg. 10): 3 x 10 x 365 = 10'950 seconds in a year. If instead put 3 seconds to search, find and click the "Reply" there mettessi 1, you spare 7300/2 = 122 minutes.
This time the new, small update regards private messages. Thanks to the feature solubility rules introduced not need to come back to top to press the arrow icon "Reply" you can answer solubility rules by simply clicking on the white area at the bottom of the message. Here's how it looks:
The beautiful? The beauty is that the box does not move down the page, allowing solubility rules you to go up and down with the space bar to re-read the entire original message. The idea in the case of very large messages or just nested replies.
Luca Bozzato help professionals and businesses to find new job opportunities solubility rules and business through LinkedIn. A philosopher by training, I like to face life with practical sense and critical spirit. I am a fan of "The Matrix" that I've seen to date, 239 times on VHS. authorize the processing of personal data (Legislative Decree 196/03) and the sending of promotional material.
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