Monday, March 23, 2015

Purifier, People for Sestri and 100% Overhead:

Torrente Chiaravagna in Sestri Ponente, Bruzzone (League): "Needed a significant intervention dredging" -
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Sestri Ponente. The Regional Director of the Northern League has submitted a written reply, also signed applus by the leader Maurizio Torterolo and Councillor Edward Rixi, the President of the Liguria Region, Claudio Burlando and his council, to request assistance from the dredging of the river Chiaravagna.
"The current situation in the mouth of the stream Chiaravagna in Sestri Ponente requires a significant intervention dredging - said Bruzzone applus - and we believe that this is a prerequisite to significantly reduce the flood risk upstream of the estuary. The current situation in the mouth of the stream Chiaravagna also creates harm to the business park and transit of vessels fishing amateur ".
In the paper presented, Bruzzone and councilors of the Northern League are asking the Governor if the administration "wants to mobilize initiatives to get fast action of dredging the mouth of the stream Chiaravagna in Genoa Sestri Ponente."
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Purifier, People for Sestri and 100% Overhead: "A lot of demagoguery, applus serves good sense" applus send u

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