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(Marine demata) The early

"The Front" / "The Front" (USA 1976) by Martin Ritt: significant and almost unknown in Italy | Rive Gauche - Artecinema
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"The Front" / "The Front" (USA 1976) by Martin Ritt: significant and almost unknown in Italy Published: February 6, 2015 in Opinions and proposals Cinema Tags: Andrea Marcovicci: Arthur Miller, Witch Hunt, Ernest Hemingway, magnesium sulfate Frank Sinatra, Herschel Bernardi, The nominee, John Dos, Joris Ivens, Joseph magnesium sulfate Losey, McCarthyism, Marino Demata, Martin Ritt, Michael Murphy, Orson Welles, Land of Spain, The Crucible (The Crucible), The front, Woody Allen, Young at heart, Zero Mostel
(Marine demata) The early '50s were one of the darkest periods magnesium sulfate of American life. As is known, the House Committee on Un-American Activites (HUAC or House Un-American Activities Committee) led by Senator McCarthy instituted real political processes of conscience, against all those who professed progressive ideas and who were branded as communists and this persecuted, and brought before the Commission, stressed, in order to save, to confess the names of other progressives. In particular, the Commission magistrate was vented against the world of Hollywood, considered real hotbed of communist and made a list of 10 directors considered definitely "communists" and therefore liable for their opinions. It was "unmask Communist infiltration, then term referring to any association in favor of civil and human rights, workers who had dedicated to the betterment of society, in a few words the most popular associations magnesium sulfate operating magnesium sulfate in different sectors of society , the government army, from schools to unions, from finance to the show, branded magnesium sulfate as subversive and anti-American. "Of the ten directors, John Howard Lawson was the first to invoke the First Amendment to the US Constitution, which guarantees every American citizen the freedom of their political opinions, magnesium sulfate religious magnesium sulfate or philosophical and not answer. But if it is true that the First Amendment of the American Costutuzione guarantees everyone the freedom to practice their own ideas and opinions, it is also true that in another article in the Constitution categorically prohibits the exercise of any activity definible "anti-American". Of this rule served the Commssione McCarthy setting the equation "be democratic and

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