Tuesday, March 24, 2015

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Biomass plant in Roccastrada, the no of Legambiente: "Significant impact" | IlGiunco.net
Pippo Arsi: good morning good scintigraphy peace joy good day today the eclipse Good Friday a good weekend ... Anthony Vella: But consider uee the bank of river Petraia between the bridge and the railroad ... Via Roma Franco Simoni: Congratulations! These things will brighten up and give hope to those who have the qualities to emerge, Renato Sinibaldi: good. John Matteucci: There are also European funding to promote - youth tourism (up to 29 years) ...
ROCCASTRADA - Despite Legambiente is basically favorable to biomass, fundamental in our country for the future, plants under construction must meet certain parameters. uee The structures, for example, must be made in balance uee with the environment around them and with the ecosystem and the case of Central Roccastrada, in our opinion, does not go in this direction. "We are opposed to the realization of the biomass uee plant planned in Roccastrada - says Angelo Gentili, uee of the national secretariat of Legambiente - because, uee while acknowledging uee a major role in the field of renewable energy, power too high and therefore involves the use of a ' excessive uee amounts of woody biomass. All this biomass consumption for one large plant is not in line with the criterion of short chain and distributed generation, and would result in a significant increase in traffic and heavy vehicles for the procurement of nearly 100 thousand tons per year of biomass, increasing even polluting uee emissions into the atmosphere. Besides, it makes no sense to plan calibration systems so high without proper planning of the actual amount of woody biomass that can come from the territorial district. "
The plant would require Roccastrada every year a huge amount of biomass to be fed: more than 60 thousand tons of wood chip and almost 34 thousand tons of olive pomace. An amount disproportionate to the woody biomass produced in the province of Grosseto and the fact that in Maremma and neighboring provinces there are already other plant projects that attingerebbero from the same forest basin. While it is true that the center would bring down the consumption of natural gas needed in the processing phase of the plaster, the size of the system, equal to 5 MWe, would have a significant environmental impact on a territory by the high environmental value.
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