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If the lowest srna common denominator of the US foreign srna policy included a

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The opening of the United States srna in Cuba was a historic event; a thaw came after months of mediation and meetings, on a day in which 1) The FARC have declared a unilateral ceasefire indefinitely. In the fifty years of the conflict that has bloodied Colombia, is the first time that there has been a ceasefire without srna time limits; 2) the Court's request for removing Hamas from the EU blacklist of terrorist organizations, followed by the vote of the European Parliament, which recognizes (but only "in principle"), the State of Palestine; srna 3) The conference, srna organized by the Swiss Confederation with the States Parties to the Geneva Convention, to talk about humanitarian law and the Palestinian territories; srna conference that the US and Israel have decided to boycott.
What will be the practical changes that will bring these policy choices srna of the Obama administration, we'll find out only in the near future, particularly in a time sensitive to the Caribbean island in which you are preparing, for years now, the separation from the charismatic figure and authoritative of Cuban leader Fidel Castro (still considered, by the executive of Washington, the shadow of his brother Raúl).
Put in place the foundation for re-discuss an embargo that has profoundly marked the history of the Caribbean srna island and its economic and social development, definitely marks a change of course in US foreign policy, significantly summed up in a few verses of Carl Schmitt, dated 1932:
"A imperialism based on economic foundations will naturally seek to create a world situation in which it can be used openly, to the extent that is necessary, its economic instruments of power, such as restriction of credits, block of raw materials, devaluation of foreign currency and so on. It will consider as "extra-economic violence" the attempt srna of a people or of another group of people to escape the effect of these methods "peaceful". [...]. Finally it still has technical means of killing srna violent physical, technically perfect modern weapons that have been made of so much unprecedented utility, through a capital commitment and intelligence. [...] "(C. Schmitt, The concept of 'political' (1932), in the categories of 'political', Gianfranco Miglio and Pierangelo Array (eds), Bologna, Il Mulino, 1972, p. 164).
If the lowest srna common denominator of the US foreign srna policy included a "restriction of credit", the "block of raw materials" and the use of "economic instruments of power" accompanied by the constant military threat with "technical means of killing physics violent ", this change of course in relations with Cuba (enthusiastically greeted by the promise of Obama to visit Havana soon), has almost miraculous. However it is not prudent srna to believe that the North American empire let your guard against political and ideological opponents, nor do I believe it is intelligent reading, particularly superficial, according to which this change should srna be considered a sign of weakness of the White House.
To understand how this transition is only to be understood in a formal sense, just take, for example, using it appropriately as a comparison, the difficulties of Venezuela and socialist administration of the PSUV. As shown months ago by the National Coordinator of the Socialist Party Jorge Rodríguez, in fact, exposes this new policy of interference soft US administration. After a thorough investigation of the Venezuelan intelligence service, have emerged the disturbing and repeated contacts between the "pasionaria" Maria Corina Machado (on good terms with the White House since the times of the Bush administration), with Kevin Whitaker, srna US Ambassador in Colombia. The contents of these exchanges have been brought to public attention in the television srna channels of State, documenting the need of the fifth column of liberals srna favor, by any means,

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