Saturday, March 21, 2015

I remember the latest rumors on innovative sensors that had to have this watch to monitor our body,

March 20 ABC News was able to poke in the laboratories used by Apple for testing Apple Watch in its ...
According to a note of Evercore analyst Rob Cihra, Apple Watch will be marketed by Apple from the month of March to an average sales price of about $ 500. At this price, and with a grace period of about nine months, therefore, it is expected that this will be an added smartwatch "significant" in the basic Apple.
In particular, it is expected that the device can represent 4 percent of its turnover in 2015 and 36 percent of its growth in 2016. In the course of 2015, the iPhone will continue dissociation to do the lion's share with over 60% . The forecast "conservative" of Cihra sees 18.5 million to Watch Apple sold 22.9 million this year and next.
I like the G3, especially aesthetically and I hate to see a beautiful phone cos have these problems solvable via SW :( LG G2 vs G3 LG Lollipop: comparing 1 minutes ago Alex Gombi
the apple turnover already high so do not think anyone has in plan of layoffs .... but ... I think a greater turnover in a company as apple results in a distribution of the proceeds among managers (to a greater extent ) and employees (to a lesser extent) that I think are already well ... it would be good if we bring in many new hires but as mentioned above a portion will go to force things to enrich those already rich
I remember the latest rumors on innovative sensors that had to have this watch to monitor our body, glucose, sweat with the launch of the app would be a great health system interaction and well married with HealthKit probably the most challenging and Instead the reality gave us a simple reader heartbeat as all competitors, I do not want to think that the project dissociation apple watch comes down to this ... and why be waiting a second version, the industry dissociation still in its dawn and do not want to believe it will be a life of simple agendas wrist employees by phone
I do not agree. Accessories for smartphones are not substitutes dissociation to the smartphone. I think the only thing you should have to collect the GPS data of physical activity and then maybe after connecting the phone. For the rest are watches, that interface with your smartphone to simplify operations when necessary, and comfortable as agenda wrist
Actually I pressed reply to your comment but had turned to Elias! And I understood all the old models, apart from that if the 4s will not work simply because all the complex things dissociation Unroll the iPhone to the watch and especially at the level of processor may cause problems
Who said that? A watch should be able to be able to perform most of its functions even alone in my opinion, dissociation cos com 'Apple watch not even able to connect to a Wi-Fi alone, can not track a path running because
In August this slice was 40%, now definitely with the six major, but Android is backwards from jellybean, ie about 80% of phones watched endless .. Apple as usual too little and too open greedy
When people see my round is always complimented thinking is a normal clock bello.sull'utilit be much better soggettivo..o a first clock which makes it useful in prescindere..vogliamo then consider the fact that you save tons of mA with the convenience of doing almost everything from the wrist? You live without but not so useless;)
I'm sure those who will buy almost all, the sfogger front of friends, family and colleagues and clients, then put it in the drawer after a week like a precious dissociation jewel because in the end everything will fuorch really useful, given that autonomy arriver barely end of the day.
But those who believe in 'the' in front of the name? -.- But at least you have opened our link? -.- My mom more than jester .... here we are at historic lows! The links shown by us show why it is not called iWatch, but for real and not conditional! Grow up baby! And then, as if by now there was still to be seen, I leave the last word to the children!
90% of the articles written by the author of "iWatch" use the conditional. As of May 1 was clear that for the term iWatch could not be used. But smart people like you, we bring one years to figure it out and then continue to use the conditional until it is Apple to tell you what you have to say or do. As said, I'm dissociation sorry for you! I can not do miracles. Continues to believe nell'iWatch! What can I say?
This much sought after your research, and if I were slightly intelligIIIIente'd noticed how many there are conditional in the texts of articles (you know what is the conditional,

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