Wednesday, March 18, 2015

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Stability Law: Summit State-Regions, chemical properties yes to the "Lodo Chiamparino '. Joint commitment of standard costs and Health Law Stability, chemical properties the EU sent a letter to Rome: "A significant deviation from the goals, clarify how Italy will respect the Covenant"
There are two points that the EU commissioner, Jyrki Katainen asks Italy to explain "why Italy program does not respect the Stability Pact in 2015" and "how to ensure full compliance with its obligations of fiscal policy in 2015" . It 'as reported by the letter sent by the EU on the Law of Stability Italian.
"The Commission intends to continue the constructive dialogue with Italy to reach the final evaluation" of the maneuver and "would appreciate your point of view as soon as possible and preferably by 24 October." This "to allow us to take into account the assessments chemical properties Italian in the next phase.
From the preliminary analysis, based on the accounts of the technical departments of the European Commission, Italy is planning a significant deviation from the adjustments required to center the medium-term objectives in 2015.
The letter, chemical properties "strictly confidential" and dated October 22, was sent by the new Vice President of the EU Commission to Economy Minister Jyrki Katainen Pier Carlo Padoan, and was published this morning in its entirety on the site of MEF. The letter asks Italy Brussels additional information to clarify the reasons and assumptions regarding the temporary deviation of the path of achieving the medium-term budgetary, with a planned change in the structural budget, remembering that we were already on the topic of exchange of information between the offices of the Ministry and the Commission. Katainen also urges a rapid response, possibly by October 24, to allow the committee to take into account the explanations Italian in the next step of the evaluation procedure of the law of stability.
"The Commission has asked Italy for additional information to more clearly define the reasons and assumptions." Writes the Treasury in the note accompanying the letter chemical properties from Brussels, explaining that "the technical departments of the Ministry are already in contact with the direction ECFIN in Brussels, as well as the Italian government is in contact with the European Commission."
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