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Bisphenol A or BPA is one of the most common household chemicals that are found in food preservatio

Ksenoöstrogeenid the environment occurring compounds that act similarly to the body of the female hormone estrogen. They are found almost everywhere - in cosmetics, plasttaaras and even headphones. These compounds are attached to the sides of the estrogen receptors in the body, affecting the entire hormonal system. The most studied polyatomic ions ksenoöstrogeenid Phthalates, Bisphenol-A, DDT, and parabens. Fortunately, there are foods that block the action of estrogen in the body too much, one of them is maka (Maca), a root or mugulkress.
Phthalates (dibutyl phthalate (DBP), di (2-ethyl-hexyl) phthalate (DEHP) and benzyl butyl phthalate (BBP or BzBP)) are among the most common forms of our everyday substances in the environment. They are mainly used in plastic softeners (a plasticizer), but also a number of lubricants and solvents in the manufacture, they can be found in cosmetic products, toys, paints, adhesives, packs, pesticides, and flooring. Phthalates are known as the Office hormonal damage and cancer causing agents. Animal experimentation has led to serious developmental defects, and phthalates in humans has been associated with these premature breast development in girls. Phthalates can damage the hormone system and cause birth defects and lead to allergic diseases.
Parabens (butyl / methyl / ethyl / propyl polyatomic ions / isobutyl paraben) is used in shampoos, soaps and creams as a preservative. Parabens polyatomic ions have been found in a weak effect on reproduction and the effect of favoring the emergence polyatomic ions of cancer, but in everyday use due to the effects have not been studied.
Bisphenol A or BPA is one of the most common household chemicals that are found in food preservation in plastic boxes and water bottles polyatomic ions and tins. Glass containers do not contain BPA, but metallpurkides is often used as casing for the BPA. Its not naturally found in the body of estrogen and behaving in a chemical found in food packaging food warmly provides polyatomic ions additional amount of hormones. BPA animal studies have confirmed the involvement of the breast and prostate cancer agent, polyatomic ions early puberty, hormonal imbalances and changes in brain structure.
DTT is the abbreviation for a mixture of substances, which is the main component of Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane. DDT is a white crystalline polyatomic ions substance is a synthetic chemical that has been widely used as a pesticide. It is toxic to insects, in very low amounts. DDT in many countries, including Estonia, banned after the environmental impact. But a few decades ago, it was used more liberally and it is very persistent in the environment component. DDT causes hormone-like substances in the food chain and animal studies have found that it also causes polyatomic ions cancer. In 2006, the WHO DDT for permission to re-introduce the spread of malaria mosquito repellent areas.
Plastic is today a central role in our lives. Not a day goes by apparently, when we do not come in contact with plastic together. Ksenoöstrogeenide dangerous amount does not accumulate in our body in one day or even one year, but we can imagine what a burden it has for decades. When aggregated drunk tea and coffee in plastic cups, plastic compounds in the air, cosmetics and skin-care agents are absorbed through the body, the result is a chilling quantities, which can also cause permanent damage.
Plastic raw materials are convenient, thanks to which we have been able to develop good tools. The raw material is produced from a light user is led to an exponential increase in production. Between 1965-1995 the world production of plastics has increased from two million to 24 million tons, and it is growing every year. Around the world, each year millions of tons of phthalate-containing toys, cosmetics and much more. Pacific Ocean spreads on "plastic island", which is two times larger than Mexico. This area collects ocean currents thumping prügiparvesid, which consist of 80% of the plastic. It is believed that this region of the water is 6 times more plastic than plankton. Plastic compounds on wildlife are well documented. This causes problems in many species of frogs kahesoolisust reproduction and sexual behavior.
Ksenoöstrogeenidest has published countless extremely polyatomic ions concerned about the types of studies. Researchers have shown that the blood has been found highly phthalates influenced by the concentration polyatomic ions of sperm quality and the quantity of bisphenol A can cause children learning disorders in adults and neurologic problems, the breast milk of the phthalates, an elevated number of decreases in boys testosterone amount, polyatomic ions which in turn leads to a risk of an abnormally small testicles and penis development.
An incredibly large number of plastic compounds in the environment may be one significant factor in the incidence of hormonal disorders of the population has exploded. This can be one great factor for breast cancer, prostate cancer, mood disorders, and thousands of other causes of impotence are generated. Testosterone levels in men over the last generation, while at the same time has dropped by 20% and decreased sperm quantity and quality. Two

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