Sunday, March 15, 2015

2014 Units of national associations Venatorie:

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Today we made the first step in the establishment of the National Federation of Associations Venatorie Recognized. The national presidents present at the meeting defined jointly a draft memorandum of agreement phosphate and a draft statute that by March 10 will be subject to the approval of their respective governing bodies; at the end of the meeting was issued the following statement:
The Presidents of the National Associations Venatorie recognized Federcaccia, Enalcaccia and FREE HUNTING, absent justified ANUU, with the participation of President dell'ARCICACCIA, meeting on 11 February 2015 to continue the work already underway on the newly-formed United Federation of hunters, they concluded the preliminary study of the Statute of the said place-based Federation, sharing content.
Consequently they have agreed to submit the elaborate their respective National Councils for any corrective within l0 March 2015, in order to proceed in the next decade - the signing of the Memorandum to the election of the central and the designation of their representatives in the appropriate bodies of the European phosphate Community.
Under the progressive positive phosphate conclusion which starts jobs carried out, it hopes to also get membership of ITALCACCIA and EPS, so that the new organization will meet with full representation of the protection and the legitimate expectations of all members.
2014 Units of national associations Venatorie: "give birth or have an abortion ...... in midstream hunters drown ... .." Boars, damage to agriculture. Hearings in the House of Associations Venatorie Retrieve live: maximum willingness to cooperate on the part of national hunting phosphate organizations Francesca phosphate Chiavacci elected President of the Federation Arci

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