Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bisphenol A or BPA is one of the most common household chemicals that are found in food preservatio

Ksenoöstrogeenid the environment occurring compounds that act similarly to the body of the female hormone estrogen. They are found almost everywhere - in cosmetics, plasttaaras and even headphones. These compounds are attached to the sides of the estrogen receptors in the body, affecting the entire hormonal system. The most studied polyatomic ions ksenoöstrogeenid Phthalates, Bisphenol-A, DDT, and parabens. Fortunately, there are foods that block the action of estrogen in the body too much, one of them is maka (Maca), a root or mugulkress.
Phthalates (dibutyl phthalate (DBP), di (2-ethyl-hexyl) phthalate (DEHP) and benzyl butyl phthalate (BBP or BzBP)) are among the most common forms of our everyday substances in the environment. They are mainly used in plastic softeners (a plasticizer), but also a number of lubricants and solvents in the manufacture, they can be found in cosmetic products, toys, paints, adhesives, packs, pesticides, and flooring. Phthalates are known as the Office hormonal damage and cancer causing agents. Animal experimentation has led to serious developmental defects, and phthalates in humans has been associated with these premature breast development in girls. Phthalates can damage the hormone system and cause birth defects and lead to allergic diseases.
Parabens (butyl / methyl / ethyl / propyl polyatomic ions / isobutyl paraben) is used in shampoos, soaps and creams as a preservative. Parabens polyatomic ions have been found in a weak effect on reproduction and the effect of favoring the emergence polyatomic ions of cancer, but in everyday use due to the effects have not been studied.
Bisphenol A or BPA is one of the most common household chemicals that are found in food preservation in plastic boxes and water bottles polyatomic ions and tins. Glass containers do not contain BPA, but metallpurkides is often used as casing for the BPA. Its not naturally found in the body of estrogen and behaving in a chemical found in food packaging food warmly provides polyatomic ions additional amount of hormones. BPA animal studies have confirmed the involvement of the breast and prostate cancer agent, polyatomic ions early puberty, hormonal imbalances and changes in brain structure.
DTT is the abbreviation for a mixture of substances, which is the main component of Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane. DDT is a white crystalline polyatomic ions substance is a synthetic chemical that has been widely used as a pesticide. It is toxic to insects, in very low amounts. DDT in many countries, including Estonia, banned after the environmental impact. But a few decades ago, it was used more liberally and it is very persistent in the environment component. DDT causes hormone-like substances in the food chain and animal studies have found that it also causes polyatomic ions cancer. In 2006, the WHO DDT for permission to re-introduce the spread of malaria mosquito repellent areas.
Plastic is today a central role in our lives. Not a day goes by apparently, when we do not come in contact with plastic together. Ksenoöstrogeenide dangerous amount does not accumulate in our body in one day or even one year, but we can imagine what a burden it has for decades. When aggregated drunk tea and coffee in plastic cups, plastic compounds in the air, cosmetics and skin-care agents are absorbed through the body, the result is a chilling quantities, which can also cause permanent damage.
Plastic raw materials are convenient, thanks to which we have been able to develop good tools. The raw material is produced from a light user is led to an exponential increase in production. Between 1965-1995 the world production of plastics has increased from two million to 24 million tons, and it is growing every year. Around the world, each year millions of tons of phthalate-containing toys, cosmetics and much more. Pacific Ocean spreads on "plastic island", which is two times larger than Mexico. This area collects ocean currents thumping prügiparvesid, which consist of 80% of the plastic. It is believed that this region of the water is 6 times more plastic than plankton. Plastic compounds on wildlife are well documented. This causes problems in many species of frogs kahesoolisust reproduction and sexual behavior.
Ksenoöstrogeenidest has published countless extremely polyatomic ions concerned about the types of studies. Researchers have shown that the blood has been found highly phthalates influenced by the concentration polyatomic ions of sperm quality and the quantity of bisphenol A can cause children learning disorders in adults and neurologic problems, the breast milk of the phthalates, an elevated number of decreases in boys testosterone amount, polyatomic ions which in turn leads to a risk of an abnormally small testicles and penis development.
An incredibly large number of plastic compounds in the environment may be one significant factor in the incidence of hormonal disorders of the population has exploded. This can be one great factor for breast cancer, prostate cancer, mood disorders, and thousands of other causes of impotence are generated. Testosterone levels in men over the last generation, while at the same time has dropped by 20% and decreased sperm quantity and quality. Two

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Photo is illustrative Gift Card is a pre-fabricates. If you do not know and can not be bothered to

Mon, 30 March
KAALUABI: Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet ocre journalists organized a test, eating canned food for two days in a row. Then the urine analysis showed that bisphenol A causes hormoonhäireid levels had risen a few thousand percent, writes svd.se.
The study shows that conventional konservpurgid ocre is full of plastics chemical bisphenol A, which is banned in baby bottles and baby food jars lids. Bisphenol A is a chemical important because of its impact on the female sex hormone estrogen is similar, but interferes with the body's work and can cause serious health ocre problems.
During the test, the readers were monitored journalists konservtoitudest diet, consumption has been the normal range. For example, the breakfast has been canned white kidney beans with bacon, served with plasttaldrikul polycarbonate plastic mugs and drink coffee. Tuna salad for lunch based on the jar and the ravioli. In addition konservpuuviljad, condensed milk, ice cream and a couple of cans of beer.
After two days of canned consumption increased each participant's level of estrogen-like substances in the urine least 2800 and more than 4,600 percent. The result shows that the increase in the levels of bisphenol A in the body is an essential part of the tinned. ocre
Although the results were within acceptable limits, but the border seriously debated among scientists. Indeed, experiments performed on rats showed, as the negative impact was much smaller quantities than is currently ocre allowed. Journalists conducted the test shows that if you want to bisphenol A levels in your body to reduce or avoid, then you should give up the food preserves.
Journalists conducted by researchers in the test results were so interesting that they want this to be scientifically evaluated, as there are few studies to date, based on the consumption of canned and bisphenol A link to the. So far, there is no restrictions on the use of chemicals in the EU are made of plastic in the food industry, canned touched.
Bisphenol Ad pharmaceutical industry first began to produce a synthetic female sex hormone substitute. Now, however, it has become an important part of polükarbonaatplastist, which makes plastic strong, light and transparent. This substance is found in many so toidukarpides, majapidamistarvetes, water pipes, lenses and hambatäidistes. Bisphenol A affects the hormones in the body, and this is the most sensitive part of infants, children and pregnant women are young kids. This is one of the world most produced chemicals. Source: svd.se
For Women - Latest News
Photo: Journey MorgueFile stated aim is often lengthy and time-consuming. Salenejal Each has its own story. Also this year, the net Figuurisõbrad and women's hands, and this week we explain the readers ocre figure bloke 2,015 candidates, of which the final chord Naisteka favorite is selected.
This image is illustrative We know very well that men love the eyes and is very easy to make yourself more attractive for them. This may surprise you, but they really do not care how much you're getting a slave to fashion. ocre
Photo: Mario Pruul We live in strange times. If you're a woman about my age, childless, and focus on your work, you will be weird. If you've finally got the baby and want to go back to work when the child is eighteen years old, you will be strange that no mother to you. The funniest thing is though, is that if you want to go back to work, it will be weird for you to sense that you want to come back, you were a child, after all, we do not need you anymore.
Photo: MorgueFile Are you still wearing ocre his figure in a suitable pair of jeans? Liivakellad is a beautiful high-waist trousers, while women wear boyish build almost all out. And remember, always be a pair of jeans in cold water to wash!
The designer Hannes a corner office on the pier was designed by the customer's home. A small office that does not take up much space and everything you need (computer, printer, etc.) can easily be folded to hide behind the door. Made specifically for sitting in leather.
Photo: MorgueFile "Hi, ocre I'm saridieeditaja Agnes," Agnes Aaliste introduce yourself to Health Pros. Agnes looks are anything ocre but problematic, but it is nevertheless a radio incurred by the work of ten additional kilos both emotionally and physically burdensome. Which Diets he had to get rid of pounds?
Photo is illustrative Gift Card is a pre-fabricates. If you do not know and can not be bothered to think about and explore what people would make fun or need to be, but it seems to just give away money mage, you will be presented with a gift card. Gift card to the recipient, it may take pleasure in yourself that you can choose your free gift, but it can also lead to headaches.
Delfi Poker
This image is illustrative writer and lawyer Meerabelle Dey is so much in my life crumbling marriages and divorces are exposed to are convinced ocre that every marriage has been able to work out where do these ten things correctly.
Photography I love gift cards because ocre they provide an opportunity ocre to buy it,

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Why do not eat toxicologist microwaveable popcorn, why kalastusekspert abstains from farmed salmon

Why do not eat toxicologist microwaveable popcorn, why kalastusekspert abstains from farmed salmon farms, and why does the farmer eat potatoes that are not grown organically? The story is written while the US, but a large part of the information is true of our food on the table.
Clean eating means of fruits, vegetables, and meat consumption, which are bred, raised and resold with minimal processing. Often they are the organically grown or organic food, and they should only rarely (if ever) include supplements.
Today, however, some places are not linked to food production methods are not clean nor sustainable. As a result, can be detrimental to our health, environment, or maybe both. So we decided to approach the food fresh eye specialists who have spent half a lifetime studying the supply sodium nitrate of safe and dangerous.
We presented them with a simple question: "What kind of food you avoid?" Their answers given do not necessarily constitute a "forbidden foods" list, but the arm stretching sodium nitrate towards the proposed alternatives can lead to better health and peace of mind.
Problem: Covering the inside of the cans of resin compounds containing synthetic estrogen called bisphenol A, which has been associated with various diseases, reproductive problems heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Unfortunately, the causes acidity (which is particularly high in tomatoes) sodium nitrate infiltration of bisphenol A in food. According to the studies of bisphenol sodium nitrate A, in excess of the amount of most of the human body, the level which suppresses spermatootlikust and causes damage to the eggs in the animals chromosomes. "Tomatipurgist can get 50 micrograms of BPA per liter, and Ad has been in a number of people - especially young people - a huge impact," says vom Saal. "I do not go anywhere sodium nitrate near canned tomatoes."
Problem: Cattle evolved to eat grass, sodium nitrate naturally, not grain. Today, however, the keepers of these large farms edible corn and soybeans, which animals are fattened for slaughter out faster. However, the higher the benefit of livestock keepers, and lower prices at the grocery store for us means less nutritional value.
In a recent extensive sodium nitrate study conducted by the US Department of Agriculture, in cooperation with Clemson University researchers showed sodium nitrate that compared maisitoidul grown animal flesh was rohusöödaga the animals sodium nitrate fed the flesh more beta-carotene, vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), calcium, magnesium, and potassium, however, are less omega-6 acids that cause inflammation, and saturated fats, which have been linked to heart disease. "We have to take into account the fact that cows are herbivores and should not feed them corn and chicken manure," says the salad.
Solution: Buy rohusöödaga-fed cows for meat, which can be found eritoidupoodidest and small markets. Normally, such a statement attached to the meat because it requires additional price, but if there is no indication, it may also ask about the origin of the meat butcher.
Problem: Popkornikoti covering the inside of the chemicals, which also include perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) belong to a class of compounds which are, according to a recent study by UCLA campus can also be associated with fertility problems occurring in humans. Animal studies of these chemicals caused liver, testicular, and pancreatic cancer.
Studies have shown that microwave popcorn in causing chemicals, evaporation and absorption. "These chemicals persist in the human body for years and accumulate there," she says Naidenko. Therefore muretsevadki investigators that the amount of chemicals to humans could approach the level that causes cancer in laboratory animals. DuPont and other companies sodium nitrate engaged in the production sodium nitrate of chemicals has promised to withdraw PFOA by 2015, the US Environmental Protection Agency's voluntary plan to follow, but that the overall impression created in the period to maturity is sold millions more kotitäisi popcorn.
Problem: Root vegetables absorb plant, insect and fungal toxins that get into the soil. America's most popular vegetables or potatoes sodium nitrate treated with poison mushroom growing season, after sprinkling them over the plant poisons that kill weeds before harvesting tough. If the tubers are taken up, processed potatoes again, in order to prevent the emergence of new shoots. "Try it for yourself. You should purchase an ordinary potatoes and try to grow new shoots. This does not happen, "says Moyer, who also works at the Institute Rodale'i self-employed farmers, which is owned by Rodale Inc. - Also the magazine "Prevention" sodium nitrate the publisher. "I've spoken sodium nitrate to potato growers who say straight out that eat their own potatoes ever. They are separate pieces of land where they grow potatoes in your use of chemicals. "
Problem: Nature's goal was not stuffing salmon farms, where they are fed with soy, kanakuutide floor covering and hydrolyzed chicken feathers. As a result, sodium nitrate farm-raised salmon is lower in vitamin D levels and higher levels of contaminants,

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US Food and Drug Administration announced that it intended to take reasonable steps to reduce level

Bisphenol Ad has been used for decades to reinforce plastics - in addition luti- and other plastic bottles in PVC water pipes, metal cans and toidusäilituskarpides interior surfaces, writes Reuters.
Recent experiments performed on laboratory animals have shown subtle effects of small amounts of BPA, but it is now planned to further investigate the effects of BPA in children, since they are exposed each to this substance through a baby bottle with already during the early stages of their development.
US Food and Drug Administration announced that it intended to take reasonable steps to reduce levels of BPA in food through their This will involve supporting enterprises that have decided to stop the production of baby bottles containing BPA.
Until BPA-related health risks of not more accurate data, recommended that parents limit their children's exposure to this substance, such as throwing away bottles and plastkruusid scratched off.
American Chemistry Council Representative Steven Hentges stressed that scientific studies have shown that BPA is a fast metabolism, and this substance is excreted from the body quickly, and it does not accumulate. "BPA is one of the most thoroughly tested chemicals in modern-trade," each he added.
* Breast milk is a source of nutrients for the child optiaalseks and, if possible, would be a good breast-feed for at least 12 months. * Do not be scratched feeding bottles and plastic mugs - they can easily accumulate bacteria, and may also end up in drinking from BPA, if the material it contains. * Temperature counts. Under normal circumstances gets BPA packages containing this chemical food or drink in very small quantities. Contact with hot or boiling food or drink, this amount may increase. * Dishwasher and microwave oven should only use these dishes, which are marked accordingly.
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USA- s survey shows clearly that bisfonool-A is also harmful to children and young people. A simila

USA- s survey shows clearly that bisfonool-A is also harmful to children and young people. A similar study has been done previously in adults. The survey results reflected the American Medical Association, JAMA journal. This data is based on three thousand children 6-10. They were urine analysis, which examined the use of Bisphenol-A (BPA) concentrations.
I wonder, though, whether we have to always wait until something is proven, and research must bring before the large number of victims before the official channels, at least agree to talk about the harmful substances. Prior to this study were discussed at length that bisphenol-A is toxic!
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Thursday, March 26, 2015

This will provide supply and demand in the oil-producing supply shortages increase. No, not this (n

"Cars go as soon as debris by the fuel" | New Finland
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The British company d aspartic acid Ineos claims a lot of stars to be the first that has been able to do household waste fuel. Ineos declares that within two years, d aspartic acid cars will pass debris by fuel.
Ineos says were registering the patent process for the preparation. Ineos, the new bio-ethanol to reduce the use of the car caused by greenhouse gas emissions by 90 per cent. Food for the manufacture of biofuels does not affect the existing biofuels ways.
The British newspaper Times, Ineos began the process of biochemical examination of 20 years ago. The company has built a pilot plant, where researchers have worked on various waste materials since 2003.
Now, announce the high price of gasoline. Taxes seasoned d aspartic acid propellant is always worth the cost. Buy it, who needs it. The price of gasoline must not be reduced by reducing the taxes. Gasoline consumption would increase in abundance, if, for example. Haikailtu much eliminated the tax price. Gasoline is the USA too cheap, because it is not motivated by the price level of product development to better efficiencies and a whole new energy sources. d aspartic acid US approx. 5% of the entire population of the earth populasta, however, consume approx. 30% naphtha.
Gasoline was a long-negative and extra ingredient in oil refining. Then was invented gasoline or extraction engine. Human kulkemishalu has grown exponentially and the atmosphere has been smothering the number of problems that will inevitably erupt at least partly of natural phenomena, which we can do about anything. Gasoline and other emissions by providing substances must be reduced and efficiencies increased.
Crude oil can do more than supply of water; oil is a great use of plastics and other materials and processed soil material. The oil should not burn with the wind, but the process more sustainable and processed. The oil is derived from organic, natural, and contains some changes from all the living things of information, which should be more than just tuhlaamiskäyttöä.
High price of fuel side effects can be compensated directly by the absolutely and only the absolute need. Provides petrol price rise; market laws put it under control at some point in time, when demand begins to decline. High fuel price increase R & D spending to replace d aspartic acid the power sources to develop. The engineers' drawing is already certainly interesting solution proposals after a certain d aspartic acid cost in existing engines, etc. Devices of the rising fuel prices.
Finally, it should be noted that people use a symbol of freedom in the passenger plenty of completely unnecessary things. Freedom to choose, freedom is to put more and more expensive d aspartic acid to supply d aspartic acid water to the tank. Freedom is also vanity and reduce unnecessary travel and also to replace your muscle motor. Muscle Engine reduces the costs of hospital care in our society hoikistuessamme and the muscle becomes d aspartic acid visible to increase the self-esteem of normal human form as a representative.
If only cool if refueling would be ten-sided gun, which could choose the price, quality and ympäristöystävällisyyden- between their own preferences. Because the alternative is, but who would dare ... Link to this comment Report improper ad
Multi future of the ingenious invention will still eventually unexploited, the reason is that patentointipiru of delaying by several years the idea into practice. Currently, these snails löhöävät office chairs and waiting for the global patent an award progression and completion, and then go get busy - so if you have time anymore. Link to this comment Report improper ad
The revolutionary thing, or - at high todennäköäisyydellä - duck, which does not, then do not hear any more. Means that even if the technology worked, it is simply incompatible d aspartic acid with the current Establishment interests, and is buried in silence. As was the situation in Finland peat renewable part: the EU of an order and the fuel self-sufficiency remained a dream only. Link to this comment Report improper ad
This will provide supply and demand in the oil-producing supply shortages increase. No, not this (not) "bio" energy has nothing to do with the fight against climate change. Link to this comment Report improper ad
After all, it is known that the Fischer-Tropsch process - the flue gas liquefying - provide fuel for almost any combustible material. Apparently, in that part of the process of perpetual motion generated d aspartic acid löpöstä used, however, to speed up the burning. Link to this comment Report improper ad
Well, even imagined that the waste contains as many joules per kilogram, 400 liters does not have the spirits than about 30% as tonnes of ethanol does not press the transposition

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Industrial Tweets Tweets on

Fortum has agreed to sell its UK subsidiary, Grangemouth CHP Limited, a long standing customer Ineos Industries Holdings Limited. The deal is worth 54 million pounds, or about 70 million euros.
Grangemouth CHP Limited runs and owns a natural gas-fired combined heat and power plant. In 2001, started its operations, Grangemouth, Scotland, quaker steak and lube in a power plant generating capacity of 145 MW and heat production capacity of 257 megawatts. quaker steak and lube
The power plant of Fortum's deal is that part of the company in October 2012 initiated efficiency program, one aim of which is to abandon quaker steak and lube the Fortum's non-core functions. The company focuses on carbon dioxide-free hydro and nuclear power production and efficient combined heat and power production.
February 27, 2015 at 10:58
Most read 25.03.2015 | News Finland ABB's quaker steak and lube hit about a new version - the sales potential is growing 17/03/2015 | News Finland ABB submitted the order - worth $ 60 million 03.06.2015 | News of the American senator's logic: "The snow in February - climate change a hoax!" quaker steak and lube 03.03 .2015 | News This company invests in innovation 1.35 billion a year - also in accordance with the results of 03.18.2015 quaker steak and lube | News Al Gore's faith is strengthened - "renewable energy going, as well as mobile phones"
03/23/2015 at 9:40 Trade & Finance
Industrial Tweets Tweets on '#teollisuus quaker steak and lube #alihankinta OR OR OR #alihankintateollisuus #teknologiateollisuus #energiateollisuus OR OR OR # forest #paperiteollisuus #vientiteollisuus OR OR OR #telakkateollisuus #meriteollisuus quaker steak and lube #prosessiteollisuus OR OR OR #metalliteollisuus #kaivosteollisuus #kumiteollisuus OR OR OR #muoviteollisuus #automaatioteollisuus quaker steak and lube #robotisaatio OR OR OR #robottiteollisuus #ajoneuvoteollisuus OR #autoteollisuus " quaker steak and lube
The achievements should not be satisfied - be it a business or sports
Cargotec ABB, Wärtsilä Information China Fortum Ruukki Kalmar LNG MacGregor Tampere Trade Fairs for solar energy

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

ILGIUNCO.NET 2015 - Daily online local news Registered in the printing of the Court of Grosseto 0

Biomass plant in Roccastrada, the no of Legambiente: "Significant impact" | IlGiunco.net
Pippo Arsi: good morning good scintigraphy peace joy good day today the eclipse Good Friday a good weekend ... Anthony Vella: But consider uee the bank of river Petraia between the bridge and the railroad ... Via Roma Franco Simoni: Congratulations! These things will brighten up and give hope to those who have the qualities to emerge, Renato Sinibaldi: good. John Matteucci: There are also European funding to promote - youth tourism (up to 29 years) ...
ROCCASTRADA - Despite Legambiente is basically favorable to biomass, fundamental in our country for the future, plants under construction must meet certain parameters. uee The structures, for example, must be made in balance uee with the environment around them and with the ecosystem and the case of Central Roccastrada, in our opinion, does not go in this direction. "We are opposed to the realization of the biomass uee plant planned in Roccastrada - says Angelo Gentili, uee of the national secretariat of Legambiente - because, uee while acknowledging uee a major role in the field of renewable energy, power too high and therefore involves the use of a ' excessive uee amounts of woody biomass. All this biomass consumption for one large plant is not in line with the criterion of short chain and distributed generation, and would result in a significant increase in traffic and heavy vehicles for the procurement of nearly 100 thousand tons per year of biomass, increasing even polluting uee emissions into the atmosphere. Besides, it makes no sense to plan calibration systems so high without proper planning of the actual amount of woody biomass that can come from the territorial district. "
The plant would require Roccastrada every year a huge amount of biomass to be fed: more than 60 thousand tons of wood chip and almost 34 thousand tons of olive pomace. An amount disproportionate to the woody biomass produced in the province of Grosseto and the fact that in Maremma and neighboring provinces there are already other plant projects that attingerebbero from the same forest basin. While it is true that the center would bring down the consumption of natural gas needed in the processing phase of the plaster, the size of the system, equal to 5 MWe, would have a significant environmental impact on a territory by the high environmental value.
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Submitted by Henry on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 233 Comments 11669 http% 3A% 2F% 2F2015% 2F02% 2

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Purifier, People for Sestri and 100% Overhead:

Torrente Chiaravagna in Sestri Ponente, Bruzzone (League): "Needed a significant intervention dredging" - Genova24.it
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Valbisagno Nothing salaries, workers protest outside the headquarters of Coget Iren to Gavette photos Economics In Liguria businesses "pink" are 36 170, 17 164 in the province of Genoa: new opportunities weather Weather Liguria: improvement, but only transient network applus left Regional, l 'appeal in Pagano Pastorino, "Let us step back and find a candidate"
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Sestri Ponente. The Regional Director of the Northern League has submitted a written reply, also signed applus by the leader Maurizio Torterolo and Councillor Edward Rixi, the President of the Liguria Region, Claudio Burlando and his council, to request assistance from the dredging of the river Chiaravagna.
"The current situation in the mouth of the stream Chiaravagna in Sestri Ponente requires a significant intervention dredging - said Bruzzone applus - and we believe that this is a prerequisite to significantly reduce the flood risk upstream of the estuary. The current situation in the mouth of the stream Chiaravagna also creates harm to the business park and transit of vessels fishing amateur ".
In the paper presented, Bruzzone and councilors of the Northern League are asking the Governor if the administration "wants to mobilize initiatives to get fast action of dredging the mouth of the stream Chiaravagna in Genoa Sestri Ponente."
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Terrorist attack in Tunis, students Genoese Nautico saved thanks to the dean Breach of Tunis, applus the guys from the Genoa Boat: "Thanks to the principal, great sorrow for the victims" Full become a mirage: the gates a new strike of petrol stations Accident Sestri Ponente: 5 boys injured Breach of Tunis, pictures of terrorists taken by surveillance cameras
37 Breach of Tunis, the arrival of the passengers of the Costa Fascinosa 13 Terrorist attack in Tunis, the images 7 Breach of Tunis, the MSC Splendida in Genoa Sestri Ponente Chiaravagna Torrente, Bruzzone (League): "Needed a significant intervention dredging"
Breach of Tunis, the Genoese Sara embraces parents: "We were shooting behind" Matteo Salvini in Genoa: a video to invite Genoese Breach of Tunis, the tragic stories of the passengers applus of the Costa Fascinosa Mosque in Genoa, President of the Islamic community: "We hope to be ready by end of year" applus Massacre of Tunis, Imam of Genoa: applus "Killing greater sin for a Muslim"
Julio on Petrochemical under the lantern: a walk against the plan
Purifier, People for Sestri and 100% Overhead: "A lot of demagoguery, applus serves good sense" applus send u

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If the lowest srna common denominator of the US foreign srna policy included a

Last Articles Spirit Russian and West: Chaadaev, Berdyaev, Solzhenitsyn, Zinoviev - Part Iran and Russia to bid farewell to the dollar Zyuganov: "If the people unite to high values, is able to overcome great difficulties" Abu Azrael : the fighter anti-ISIS become celebrities The Eclipse photovoltaic Spirit Russian and West: Chaadaev, Berdyaev, Solzhenitsyn, Zinoviev - Part One The irresponsible srna speeches of the former head of the NSA to recall McCarthyism computer Editorial / Why Italy adheres the Development Bank for Asia sponsored by China My Lai: history of a forgotten massacre The Syrian anti-aircraft shot down a US drone
The opening of the United States srna in Cuba was a historic event; a thaw came after months of mediation and meetings, on a day in which 1) The FARC have declared a unilateral ceasefire indefinitely. In the fifty years of the conflict that has bloodied Colombia, is the first time that there has been a ceasefire without srna time limits; 2) the Court's request for removing Hamas from the EU blacklist of terrorist organizations, followed by the vote of the European Parliament, which recognizes (but only "in principle"), the State of Palestine; srna 3) The conference, srna organized by the Swiss Confederation with the States Parties to the Geneva Convention, to talk about humanitarian law and the Palestinian territories; srna conference that the US and Israel have decided to boycott.
What will be the practical changes that will bring these policy choices srna of the Obama administration, we'll find out only in the near future, particularly in a time sensitive to the Caribbean island in which you are preparing, for years now, the separation from the charismatic figure and authoritative of Cuban leader Fidel Castro (still considered, by the executive of Washington, the shadow of his brother Raúl).
Put in place the foundation for re-discuss an embargo that has profoundly marked the history of the Caribbean srna island and its economic and social development, definitely marks a change of course in US foreign policy, significantly summed up in a few verses of Carl Schmitt, dated 1932:
"A imperialism based on economic foundations will naturally seek to create a world situation in which it can be used openly, to the extent that is necessary, its economic instruments of power, such as restriction of credits, block of raw materials, devaluation of foreign currency and so on. It will consider as "extra-economic violence" the attempt srna of a people or of another group of people to escape the effect of these methods "peaceful". [...]. Finally it still has technical means of killing srna violent physical, technically perfect modern weapons that have been made of so much unprecedented utility, through a capital commitment and intelligence. [...] "(C. Schmitt, The concept of 'political' (1932), in the categories of 'political', Gianfranco Miglio and Pierangelo Array (eds), Bologna, Il Mulino, 1972, p. 164).
If the lowest srna common denominator of the US foreign srna policy included a "restriction of credit", the "block of raw materials" and the use of "economic instruments of power" accompanied by the constant military threat with "technical means of killing physics violent ", this change of course in relations with Cuba (enthusiastically greeted by the promise of Obama to visit Havana soon), has almost miraculous. However it is not prudent srna to believe that the North American empire let your guard against political and ideological opponents, nor do I believe it is intelligent reading, particularly superficial, according to which this change should srna be considered a sign of weakness of the White House.
To understand how this transition is only to be understood in a formal sense, just take, for example, using it appropriately as a comparison, the difficulties of Venezuela and socialist administration of the PSUV. As shown months ago by the National Coordinator of the Socialist Party Jorge Rodríguez, in fact, exposes this new policy of interference soft US administration. After a thorough investigation of the Venezuelan intelligence service, have emerged the disturbing and repeated contacts between the "pasionaria" Maria Corina Machado (on good terms with the White House since the times of the Bush administration), with Kevin Whitaker, srna US Ambassador in Colombia. The contents of these exchanges have been brought to public attention in the television srna channels of State, documenting the need of the fifth column of liberals srna favor, by any means,

Saturday, March 21, 2015

I remember the latest rumors on innovative sensors that had to have this watch to monitor our body,

March 20 ABC News was able to poke in the laboratories used by Apple for testing Apple Watch in its ...
According to a note of Evercore analyst Rob Cihra, Apple Watch will be marketed by Apple from the month of March to an average sales price of about $ 500. At this price, and with a grace period of about nine months, therefore, it is expected that this will be an added smartwatch "significant" in the basic Apple.
In particular, it is expected that the device can represent 4 percent of its turnover in 2015 and 36 percent of its growth in 2016. In the course of 2015, the iPhone will continue dissociation to do the lion's share with over 60% . The forecast "conservative" of Cihra sees 18.5 million to Watch Apple sold 22.9 million this year and next.
I like the G3, especially aesthetically and I hate to see a beautiful phone cos have these problems solvable via SW :( LG G2 vs G3 LG Lollipop: comparing HDblog.it 1 minutes ago Alex Gombi
the apple turnover already high so do not think anyone has in plan of layoffs .... but ... I think a greater turnover in a company as apple results in a distribution of the proceeds among managers (to a greater extent ) and employees (to a lesser extent) that I think are already well ... it would be good if we bring in many new hires but as mentioned above a portion will go to force things to enrich those already rich
I remember the latest rumors on innovative sensors that had to have this watch to monitor our body, glucose, sweat with the launch of the app would be a great health system interaction and well married with HealthKit probably the most challenging and Instead the reality gave us a simple reader heartbeat as all competitors, I do not want to think that the project dissociation apple watch comes down to this ... and why be waiting a second version, the industry dissociation still in its dawn and do not want to believe it will be a life of simple agendas wrist employees by phone
I do not agree. Accessories for smartphones are not substitutes dissociation to the smartphone. I think the only thing you should have to collect the GPS data of physical activity and then maybe after connecting the phone. For the rest are watches, that interface with your smartphone to simplify operations when necessary, and comfortable as agenda wrist
Actually I pressed reply to your comment but had turned to Elias! And I understood all the old models, apart from that if the 4s will not work simply because all the complex things dissociation Unroll the iPhone to the watch and especially at the level of processor may cause problems
Who said that? A watch should be able to be able to perform most of its functions even alone in my opinion, dissociation cos com 'Apple watch not even able to connect to a Wi-Fi alone, can not track a path running because
In August this slice was 40%, now definitely with the six major, but Android is backwards from jellybean, ie about 80% of phones watched endless .. Apple as usual too little and too open greedy
When people see my round is always complimented thinking is a normal clock bello.sull'utilit be much better soggettivo..o a first clock which makes it useful in prescindere..vogliamo then consider the fact that you save tons of mA with the convenience of doing almost everything from the wrist? You live without but not so useless;)
I'm sure those who will buy almost all, the sfogger front of friends, family and colleagues and clients, then put it in the drawer after a week like a precious dissociation jewel because in the end everything will fuorch really useful, given that autonomy arriver barely end of the day.
But those who believe in 'the' in front of the name? -.- But at least you have opened our link? -.- My mom more than jester .... here we are at historic lows! The links shown by us show why it is not called iWatch, but for real and not conditional! Grow up baby! And then, as if by now there was still to be seen, I leave the last word to the children!
90% of the articles written by the author of "iWatch" use the conditional. As of May 1 was clear that for the term iWatch could not be used. But smart people like you, we bring one years to figure it out and then continue to use the conditional until it is Apple to tell you what you have to say or do. As said, I'm dissociation sorry for you! I can not do miracles. Continues to believe nell'iWatch! What can I say?
This much sought after your research, and if I were slightly intelligIIIIente'd noticed how many there are conditional in the texts of articles (you know what is the conditional,

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Dynamo hosts Capo d

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"A significant gesture that workers Meridiana today decided to join the protest sirna of the four employees of Romangia Services, including Antonio Sechi, rsa UGL, which days are on the roof of the Cathedral of Sip for demand guarantees about their future." This was declared by the executive UGL Sassari, Simone Testoni, adding that "the protest of workers has led in recent days to a first result: next Friday there will be a meeting at the Department of Labor of Sardinia to begin to discuss the dispute. Now, however, expect answers to meet even the commissioner of Planning sirna and understand how it will be made available by the Region to the in-house company of the territory. Until we have concrete answers the protest will continue. "
Dynamo hosts Capo d'Orlando sirna Steal cosmetics for 1300 euro 32-year-old arrested Sassari, with POIC opportunity of doing business and Ganau Boldrini meet unions March of Concordia stops in Sassari, Sassari ZTL and changes to the road, l 'integration through the culinary arts Alghero, UDC explains his position sirna on the floor of the Radio Frequency Visit of President Boldrini in Sardinia The beauty of the eclipse
University scandal, six psychiatrists investigated Sassari. sirna Arrested by the police for resisting the police and fraud policies, sirna insurer in trouble sirna Cede the ceiling, destroyed a vicious Hospitalized, and discharged a few hours later dies Nannie escapes with 20 000 Euros stolen elder who attended dies during the wake of her mother Airport Alghero here all summer routes Young arrested for possession of drugs at Santissima Annunziata applies ECMO

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Information Agenda Guide for Swiss abroad institutions Swiss popular votes Libretto and health card Document request Swiss Swiss Connection - Dachorganisation in Italien spokesman acknowledged the Fifth Switzerland Young Military Service Convention Law # 226 - 23/08/2004 Museums The Swiss Confederation hfc informs Altersheime - suche.ch Links Links Facebook Linkedin Twitter RSN Area A fencing school - Fechtschule 2014-2015
Select Page: Where to? Info - Events - Guide for Swiss Abroad - Institutions Swiss - popular votes - Booklet and health card - Document request Swiss - Swiss Connection - Dachorganisation in Italien - Spokesman hfc recognized the Fifth Switzerland - Youth - Military Service - Convention - Law # 226 - 23/08/2004 - Museums in Switzerland - The Confederation informs - Altersheime - suche.ch hfc - Links Links - Facebook - LinkedIn - - Twitter RSN - Area A fencing school - Fechtschule 2014-2015
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Current Youth Sports - Sports Health Health-Popular Headings Voting Policies Heading Heading financial hfc fiscal facts - third page Science & Technology news Petitions by Cosentino Circles Catania Florence Naples Pugliese Rome Rome Membership: Active in Winter 2014 - 2015 from "History" in 1946 -1986 Connection Congress, Rome 1982 Ouvroir 2014-2015: hfc Swiss School Rome meetings Schools Act Swiss abroad, LSSE Recognition of Qualification in Italy and Switzerland LISE LISE of 09.10.1987 - update 2012 MIUR - recognition SSR SSR - regulations Salentino Trieste Umbria
If the state forbids hfc the wearing of the burqa or other full veils on the face, as it does with a law from 2011 in France, he does rightly, to ensure that they comply with the "conditions of living together," among which is also the freedom to look at each other. So ruled the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, with a majority decision hfc that touches one of the most sensitive aspects of the twenty-first century Europe.
Judges do not have appealed to anti-terrorism security reasons, which were the origin of the anti-burqa in France and Belgium - the only EU countries to have them never proposed and approved. But they tried to analyze whether this ban violates the European Convention of Human Rights. The judges felt that there are three principles at stake: respect for gender equality, respect for human dignity, and respect for the minimum requirements of life in society, defined as the need "to live together in social interaction .
Events hfc 15:00 to 16:00, 20/03/2015 - Venice: Swiss Rocks 9 a.m. to 17:00, 21/03/2015 - Auslandschweizerrates Sitzung 4:00 p.m. to 19:00, 23/03/2015 - Florence "at the Circle" 18:30 to 20:30, 23/03/2015 - Milan conference: "line Cadorna" 8:00 p.m. to 23:45, 26/03/2015 - Milan: Evening Choucroute 20:30 - 23:00 03/27/2015 hfc - Florence: Cineforum Swiss 2015 09:15 to 15:00, 28/03/2015 - CS Naples: an extraordinary and delicious journey through time 18:30 to 20:30, 30/03 / 2015 - Milan: Philosophy and aesthetics of music 20:30 to 23:30, 04/17/2015 - Florence: evening with Jacopo Fo Search Search for: Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland and EU initials an agreement for the automatic exchange of Information on Tax Matters Today the Switzer

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With few exceptions (mainly consisting of the European ccTLDs. .co.uk, .de, .eu, .fr Etc.) The market for domain name registration delrin is tied to double thread to the US dollar. Estimates that, over the past few months, gave us not a few unpleasant surprises: delrin Euro / dollar over the past 12 months (source: Yahoo Finance) Until now we have absorbed these increases, leaving intact a registration fee to our customers. However, in case of further progress of the dollar against the euro, an adjustment of the price list will be inevitable. We can not only advise you to renew your domains before the adapted: and this especially in regard of gTLDs (.com, .net., .org, .info, .biz), Including assessment of a multi-year renewal. Recall that for gTLDs is possible to renew for multiple years (up to a maximum of 10). This allows the renewal at a cheaper price, (regardless of the quota increase in the dollar, the fee for registration of gTLD is steadily increasing for several years); but secures delrin also possible delrin oversights on maturity, avoiding the consequent inefficiencies.
2015 (4) March (1) January (3) Google Chrome will signal http sites as "no secu ... Next a significant increase in rents of kings ... .net: next increase of fees for registration .. . 2014 (40) December (3) November (2) October (4) September (4) August (2) May (2) April (2) March (13) February (1 ) January (7) 2013 (38) December (6) November (7) October (6) September delrin (1) August (6) July (4) June (1) May (1 ) April (2) March (2) February (1) January delrin (1) 2012 (34) December (1) November (2) October (3) September (1) August (5 ) July (1) June (4) May (5) April (1) March (5) February (3) January (3) 2011 (1) April (1)
.be (1) .biz (12) .cc (1) .cn (1) .com (9) .de (1) .eu (6) .info (5) .I (1) .it (11) .me (2) .mobi (4) .name (1) .net (10) .org (12) .tel (1) .tv (1) .us (1) .webcam (1) .ws (1) API (1) Bitcoin (1) ccTLD (3) press (30) Cronus (1) poor service (23) DNS (7) email (2) fault (2) gTLD (2) hosting (5) ICANN (2) maintenance ( 8) changes domains (1) MySQL (1) newTLD (5) nic.it (10) payments (8) control panel (6) PEC (1) promotions (29) redemption (2) registrant (2) Domain Registration ( 46) renewal domains (13) Retailers (1) security (5) SMTP (1) SSL (2) Transfer domains (14) whois privacy (1) Wordpress delrin (4)

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A year and a half ago from the collaboration of SolarMax, a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic in

A year and a half ago from the collaboration of SolarMax, a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic inverters connected to the network and characterized by "Swiss quality", with the project organized by the non-profit organization Rock No War !, a charity operating for many years on the front of international solidarity, was produced a photovoltaic system for the new Polo School for Children 0-6 years in Medolla (Modena), rebuilt after the earthquake and opened on 23 March 2013. In particular, for the construction of the plant by 50 kWp for the photovoltaic power generation, the school of Medolla was equipped with three SolarMax inverters model 15mt2. The decision to provide apotex a photovoltaic system a public facility dedicated to children, as well as having represented immediately an important signal in the direction of an increasingly apotex shared sensitivity to the issues "green" based on innovative technologies, apotex has resulted also from a distance a year in significant cost savings. As noted by the Energy Services apotex Operator (ESO), in fact, for the first 10 months of 2013 surveyed, the photovoltaic system's School Center has had an estimated production of 40,358 kWh, producing a revenue relates only incentive rate 9,403, 41, in addition to the proceeds of the metering and consumption. The series 15mt2, produced by SolarMax and used for the construction of the photovoltaic system in the new Polo School, allows you to make efficient and rational roof surfaces, optimizing the performance. Each series inverters SolarMax MT meets all requirements of the GS mark of the safety of products.
Anie switchgear Automation AUTOMATION wiring cables and ducts CLIMATE control systems data center automation AUTOMATION AND BUILDING home automation and building automation, energy efficiency ENERGY FederPeriti apotex Industrial training network management uninterruptible LIGHTING SYSTEMS CIVIL civil tertiary installations INDUSTRIAL PLANTS plants in tertiary apotex inverter LED measures NEWS FROM ENTERPRISES legislation LEGISLATION AND LEGISLATION standards CEI - READ protections paintings paintings and channels RENEWABLE series civilian security smart cities Smart City Smart Community SPD software instrumentation ups

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Stability Law: Summit State-Regions, chemical properties yes to the "Lodo Chiamparino '. Joint commitment of standard costs and Health Law Stability, chemical properties the EU sent a letter to Rome: "A significant deviation from the goals, clarify how Italy will respect the Covenant"
There are two points that the EU commissioner, Jyrki Katainen asks Italy to explain "why Italy program does not respect the Stability Pact in 2015" and "how to ensure full compliance with its obligations of fiscal policy in 2015" . It 'as reported by the letter sent by the EU on the Law of Stability Italian.
"The Commission intends to continue the constructive dialogue with Italy to reach the final evaluation" of the maneuver and "would appreciate your point of view as soon as possible and preferably by 24 October." This "to allow us to take into account the assessments chemical properties Italian in the next phase.
From the preliminary analysis, based on the accounts of the technical departments of the European Commission, Italy is planning a significant deviation from the adjustments required to center the medium-term objectives in 2015.
The letter, chemical properties "strictly confidential" and dated October 22, was sent by the new Vice President of the EU Commission to Economy Minister Jyrki Katainen Pier Carlo Padoan, and was published this morning in its entirety on the site of MEF. The letter asks Italy Brussels additional information to clarify the reasons and assumptions regarding the temporary deviation of the path of achieving the medium-term budgetary, with a planned change in the structural budget, remembering that we were already on the topic of exchange of information between the offices of the Ministry and the Commission. Katainen also urges a rapid response, possibly by October 24, to allow the committee to take into account the explanations Italian in the next step of the evaluation procedure of the law of stability.
"The Commission has asked Italy for additional information to more clearly define the reasons and assumptions." Writes the Treasury in the note accompanying the letter chemical properties from Brussels, explaining that "the technical departments of the Ministry are already in contact with the direction ECFIN in Brussels, as well as the Italian government is in contact with the European Commission."
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High Technology Transmission Systems is part of the Endurance Group, a global force in the aluminum

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The evidence of a sheath cacl2 alternative for thermocouples have shown significant savings in cost and time for a component manufacturer that provides some of the largest companies in the automotive sector. In tests at its plant in Aurangabad in India, High Technology Transmission Systems Pvt Ltd has discovered that groups of thermocouples supplied by the division of Morgan Molten Metal Systems have exceeded even the lifetime estimated by their producer, significantly outperforming existing cacl2 solutions available at the company.
High Technology Transmission Systems is part of the Endurance Group, a global force in the aluminum castings for the automotive cacl2 industry with 19 plants in India, Italy and Germany. Factory high-performance jets (HPDC), HTTS produces clutch assemblies in cast aluminum and other die-cast components.
The company turned to Morgan looking for more performance for groups thermocouples used for continuous measurement of temperatures in the holding furnaces. HTTS used two different types of groups, both of which had the intrinsic svantagi. One was a tube CI L-shaped that lasted an average of seven to eight days. Although it was an economic option, this type of group required a protective coating, which represented an additional work, while the consequent possibility of metal contamination, very high, could compromise the quality of the final jet. The second product was used silicon nitride (SS316) that, although he had recommended a lifetime of nine months, cacl2 required a high purchase cost and had a significantly lower impact resistance, which made it very vulnerable cacl2 to breakage during the process casting aluminum.
The tests involved the innovative sheath thermocouple Blue Lightning Morgan provided as a group pyrometer complete, installed in an oven from 500kg for a period of four months. The recommended duration of the Blue Lightning is 42-48 days, but at the end of the 122-day trial the sheath was still fully functional and able to remain in operation. Sambhaji Bachkar, cacl2 director of maintenance cacl2 of HTTS and supervisor of the test, said: "The group thermocouple has behaved well throughout the test, maintaining and controlling the temperature in the holding furnace. When we removed it from the oven, it was still in good condition, with no signs of deterioration. "
Robust design for a life of service cacl2 extended, Blue Lightning has provided a number of benefits to HTTS, Ramdas explains cacl2 Chitalkar, Director of Technology at Morgan Advanced Materials: "Aside from its life extended, the product has proved a cost-effective solution in many other ways. Additional coatings were not needed, which require time and labor, and the replacement cacl2 time is reduced and there is the danger of metallic contamination, which has an impact on the final quality of the jet, then the risk of waste is minimized. "
The sheaths for thermocouples Blue Lightning are available with BSP pipe in, NPT pipe in or without tube as simple ceramic sheath cacl2 for applications on copper at higher temperatures. The versions with tube are also available as a complete group pyrometer to help speed up installation and reducing installation costs. The groups are specifically designed to offer a quick replacement and without existing technical pyrometer. The design features include chemistry wetting for easy cleaning, low accumulation of waste and elimination of metal contamination. Highly conductive, they ensure quick response times, reduced use of fuel and good thermal shock resistance. The groups can be used in applications that require a pyrometer fixed or floating.
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SocialMediaLife.it authorize the processing of personal data (Legislative Decree 196/03) and the se

March 11, 2015
Revenues of Facebook? To 98% dependent on the Mobile ADS!
March 16, 2015
How to create a LinkedIn profile in two languages
January 9, 2015
Pope Francis will make a Hangout!
May 13, 2014
Pinterest and Weddings: Love at first sight
September 1, 2014
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For example, assuming a low number of emails a day on which answer (eg. 10): 3 x 10 x 365 = 10'950 seconds in a year. If instead put 3 seconds to search, find and click the "Reply" there mettessi 1, you spare 7300/2 = 122 minutes.
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The beautiful? The beauty is that the box does not move down the page, allowing solubility rules you to go up and down with the space bar to re-read the entire original message. The idea in the case of very large messages or just nested replies.
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2014 Units of national associations Venatorie:

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Today we made the first step in the establishment of the National Federation of Associations Venatorie Recognized. The national presidents present at the meeting defined jointly a draft memorandum of agreement phosphate and a draft statute that by March 10 will be subject to the approval of their respective governing bodies; at the end of the meeting was issued the following statement:
The Presidents of the National Associations Venatorie recognized Federcaccia, Enalcaccia and FREE HUNTING, absent justified ANUU, with the participation of President dell'ARCICACCIA, meeting on 11 February 2015 to continue the work already underway on the newly-formed United Federation of hunters, they concluded the preliminary study of the Statute of the said place-based Federation, sharing content.
Consequently they have agreed to submit the elaborate their respective National Councils for any corrective within l0 March 2015, in order to proceed in the next decade - the signing of the Memorandum to the election of the central and the designation of their representatives in the appropriate bodies of the European phosphate Community.
Under the progressive positive phosphate conclusion which starts jobs carried out, it hopes to also get membership of ITALCACCIA and EPS, so that the new organization will meet with full representation of the protection and the legitimate expectations of all members.
2014 Units of national associations Venatorie: "give birth or have an abortion ...... in midstream hunters drown ... .." Boars, damage to agriculture. Hearings in the House of Associations Venatorie Retrieve live: maximum willingness to cooperate on the part of national hunting phosphate organizations Francesca phosphate Chiavacci elected President of the Federation Arci

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The CEO of FX Langraf John explained to the winter tour of the Television Critics Awards (TCA) that

Ronald Reagan will have a significant role in the second season of Fargo | The blog ScreenWeek.it
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The former US president molecular weight Ronald Reagan, will not be included in the second season of Fargo with archive material, but will be played by a real actor. Set in 1979 in Luverne, Minn. and Sioux Falls new episodes of the show's FX tell the story of the young Lou Solverson (Patrick Wilson, starring in the first season by Keith Carradine) after his return as a veteran of the Vietnam War.
The CEO of FX Langraf John explained to the winter tour of the Television Critics Awards (TCA) that Reagan will interact with the other characters, and that for the moment has not yet been chosen the actor who will interpret it.
"[The season] will cover something that had been mentioned in the first season as Lou Solverson, the father of Molly Solverson (Allison Tolman). In a way it's a great espasione, [a season] more comical, although sometimes it is a show very seriously. It's set in the seventies in the background of the first campaign of Reagan as US president. Reagan is a character, is a candidate for the presidency in his first campaign that makes its entry through Fargo. Some of the characters have interiazioni with him, and some of his films are part of the show. "
"It is the cultural transformation. War has come home - Solverson is a veteran of the Vietnam War - and it is also about feminism. There are female characters really significant, as Molly in the first season. It is also a very broad range, incredibly ambitious, fresh and surprising. I can not do it justice. All I can say is that I love the script, are entusi