Friday, February 6, 2015

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At Research Centre Showing have traditionally served a number of food labeling of its products by the laws and regulations governing the labeling of foodstuffs. Making content descriptions, calculations hmis and nutritional labeling hmis in general are the main tasks.
With the advent of the new EU Regulation (EC) nr.1169 / 2011 on food information takes effect on December 13 this year requirements will increase hmis further. It may start to flag, according to her already, as are labeling and other information about the foods placed on the market after 13 December 2014 to comply with new regulations. hmis
In order to provide our customers hmis with all the best we have now started a program called Danko Pro is software developed hmis by the Danish company Danko. The company has over 20 years of experience in developing software for use with food. This program contains information about the nutritional value of foods that include obtained from the Danish database Födevaredatabanken, American base USDA (National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference) and ÍSGEM (Icelandic database on the composition of food). In Danko is also possible to prepare the ingredients and prepare the data- / Product Description sheets depending on the customer.
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Seminar Room, housekeeping and good food - Courses Courses for internal hmis audits and verifications HACCP courses Sauðárkróki and Egilsstöðum 12 best soups in the world - Courses Courses for matgæðinga - North African food Courses: HACCP quality system - quality hmis and safety all the way HACCP course in Isafjordur completed
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