Monday, February 2, 2015

So if think like this, we would not be surprised by stories such as Atlantis and Lemuria magnesium

Noah can build a very large ship followers not only armed with up to 100 people? FIKIRKANLAH.100 men there were women and children, so the number of workers to build the ark of Noah teramatlah sedikit.Malahan also the followers of the prophet Noah made up of the poor, the weak and downtrodden sahaja.Nabi Noah build his ship in a limited time frame ( some have argued in recent weeks and assisted by angels) .Misteri this is really confusing for some researchers even Western researchers say Noah's Ark was built by aliens ... .. Actually, we would not be surprised magnesium oxide with the ability Noah then if we imagine human progress before the Great Flood is such progress now at least.
We can imagine that Noah to build an ark in the hangar large boat with equipment and sophisticated machinery of advanced magnesium oxide computing system assisted with the instructions of the almighty God. Do you all believe in the power of God? If God wills it then everything will happen and it is not impossible in the time of Noah sophisticated computer technology already exists. If you feel it is not possible then you do not seem to believe in the power of the gods ... did they? You need to remember that God's knowledge is broader and deeper than 7 Ocean and just a drop of human knowledge. MANY THINGS IN THE WORLD BY GOD IS CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL AND WHY IT ... JUST KNOWING GOD ALMIGHTY. magnesium oxide
In giving a theory about matters involving religious and supernatural things we can not rely on physical evidence simply because it is not a physical faerie and if we want to prove everything with the physical evidence we rightly do not in degree as Muslims because Islam requires Muslims believe in supernatural things like demons, angels of heaven and hell even though no physical evidence has ever been found scientists about the existence of this problem. magnesium oxide Praise be to God!
STILL CAN NOT BELIEVE? If we look at the chronology magnesium oxide of human progress, we can see no logic or reality ini.Biar we take the period of the birth of Jesus according magnesium oxide to Christian calendar which is 1 AD to 2009 Masehi.Bagaimana human life in the time of Jesus hidup.Bagaimana human progress after 2000 years after the birth of Jesus? What is the duration of the first man Adam until the Great Flood events in the time of Prophet Nuh.Katakanlah about 2000 years (this budget is minimal in view of the duration of the first man, down to earth until the Great Flood could take thousands magnesium oxide year), then the logic of human progress and achieve the greatest progress when the Great Flood.
So if think like this, we would not be surprised by stories such as Atlantis and Lemuria magnesium oxide and the Kingdom of Rama who have airplanes like UFO.Peperangan pun involving weapons quasi-nuclear powers such as the effects found in the Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa.TETAPI ALL OF WHICH ARE USEFUL WHEN ARRIVING BALA DISASTER? All progress is exhausted sink together Pagans are disobeying God after drifting in the flow of material progress and technological sophistication when it mengkhayalkan.Manusia increasingly materialistic and greedy to do vices in the light-terangan.Tidak wonder if there are nude party-party-sini.Pesta shower often held at festivals besar.Konsert-intoxicating music concerts often end with an orgy that menghairahkan gods before whom they deny .Dakwah Noah only be dismissed.
Maybe you feel funny with the scenario magnesium oxide shown in because you think Noah live like cavemen, farming and herding goats sahaja.TIDAK SAMA SEKALI.Lihatlah magnesium oxide mysterious paintings on the walls of temples Pharaoh who recounted an ancient myth about electric energy production ready drawings with underground cables and electrical filemen although some western scientists are trying to cover this evidence ith say that it is simply a hieroglyph zeal by the sculptor chisels not mahir.PERCAYAKAH YOU WITH REALITY INI.Penemuan ancient battery in Iraq and Dropa ancient compact disc (until now not known whether it is CD, CD-RW, magnesium oxide DVD, DVD-RW magnesium oxide or the like) in China.Dan most alarming was the discovery of nuclear plant over 2 million years old in Africa.
What does all this mean? How old is the Earth actually? How old is mankind actually? We can not study estimating Western influenced magnesium oxide by The Hidden Hand like Illuminati and Freemasons .They manusia.Segala no reason to confuse the reality magnesium oxide is far from what we can

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