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Looking at the above facts, it can be concluded that the alternative renewable energy sources is st

Currently, almost all over the world rely on fossil fuels to meet its energy needs. Petroleum, natural gas, and coal is the primary fossil energy sources are used for many things, especially in fuel and electricity.
However, it should be noted that fossil fuels are non-renewable energy types. One time, this energy source will continue to shrink in number and then discharged. The world's oil reserves are expected to run out just less than one hundred years. organize
Not only that. Fossil energy sources are composed of the elements organize carbon pollution will result in energy conversion processes, such as carbon dioxide. Gas that is the key actor behind global warming, which resulted in the earth's surface temperature organize rise and the climate becomes unstable. Of course this is not the case for the preservation of earth friendly.
To realize this, scientists organize have done a lot of research and find alternative energy sources to supply energy in the future. Among these are the sun, wind, sea, and geothermal. These energy sources are renewable sources of energy, so it will practically free from crisis. Even so, the use of these energy sources still save a lot of shortcomings. organize For example, solar energy.
Utilizing heat emitted by the sun as an energy source is very possible. In fact, the use of solar energy is pollution-free, making it safe for the atmosphere and the surrounding environment. We have also been found from the solar cell to convert solar energy into electrical energy. However, the investment costs for installing these solar cells still need a high cost. In addition, the deployment of solar heat in the earth can not be said evenly, especially for countries with a tropical climate organize of two seasons. When the rainy season, for example, the intensity of sunlight is greatly reduced, thus also reducing the amount of energy that is converted.
Similarly, with the wind. Though in fact it is quite effective in generating electricity, but the erratic weather conditions and geographical factors also strongly affected the amount of energy produced. Under conditions of wind situation is not stable, then the amount of energy produced also tends to fluctuate. This would be very detrimental to the area that requires a high energy supply, but the incoming supply was not stable.
Looking at the above facts, it can be concluded that the alternative renewable energy sources is still not enough to replace fossil fuels as a whole. As a supporter of energy sources can be good, but to play a major role, is still much work to be done.
And what energy sources can be used to replace fossil fuels? organize Still there is one other energy sources, which can produce energy effectively and able to meet the energy needs in the future, namely nuclear energy. organize
Factually, nuclear energy is not renewable energy. Nuclear energy source itself depends on the energy organize emitting radioactive metal, such as Uranium and Thorium. However, organize nuclear energy has an output power that is unusually large and long-lasting. A small example, one kilogram of uranium can be used to power four 60-watt fluorescent bulbs for 9000 years without stopping! On a larger scale, of nuclear organize energy is also sufficient to be the world's primary energy source.
The development of nuclear energy sources is now growing rapidly. Many countries involved in nuclear development, including the United States, Britain, France, Japan, Iran, South Korea, North Korea, Finland, and Germany. These countries have a number of reactors used to generate electricity. Most is the United States, which has more than 100 units of the reactor. In Japan, nuclear energy meets about 15% of their energy needs. While in France, nearly 100% of the electrical energy source comes from nuclear energy. Not surprisingly, France organize is the country with the cheapest electricity rates.
Even the use of nuclear energy does not stop at producing energy alone. In some cases, such as agriculture and medicine, nuclear also plays an important organize role. In agriculture, nuclear energy normally used to perform a genetic mutation of the crop (eg rice) to obtain quality seeds. This has been done by BATAN, as the nuclear research institute in Indonesia. While in the field of medicine, nuclear role in the manufacture of radioisotopes used to detect cancer in the body, as well as for radiotherapy.
Nuclear is also environmentally friendly. Reactions that occur in a nuclear reactor does not produce carbon dioxide, so it will not pollute the atmosphere and the environment. Problems concerning dangerous nuclear waste and safety organize problems had already organize developed a solution. Place p

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