Monday, February 16, 2015

I worked in a brickyard, Txe. Out pallets and pallets on the conveyor, at double the price than the

As you know the brick is the most boorish scifinder login and Spanish form of production model. While other countries base their wealth and growth in agriculture, industry or technology, here's bonanza came from property speculation: that is, buy cheap hoping to sell high and build a spray and pray housing for hypothetical occupants never come, if possible in coastal locations where well fuck the coast, fauna, flora and local idiosyncrasy. So now we have millions of empty houses, mostly in the form of developments that have not even been completed, or, if they have been completed, have not been opened. Streets and decadent streets of terraced houses with pool occupied only by the wind blowing through the empty window frames.
Yes Spain was a cool country and base its production model in R & D, ie knowledge and scientific development, to some brainiac of CSIC would have thought investigate an enzyme or something that would allow digest scifinder login and metabolize the bricks surplus that are made of clay, in turn made of kaolin, hydrated alumina silicates, illite and montmorillonite scifinder login (as heard). It would be as easy as incorporating scifinder login these materials into the processes by which metabolize proteins, lipids, scifinder login carbohydrates and other biomolecules. It can not be that hard.
In the new scenario would live in abundance, as we could eat brick and never would lean. At first we would have to eat ground with an instrument, but in a few thousand years, through evolutionary processes, the Spanish develop a suitable jaw for such tasks. We could eat Marina D'Or scifinder login resort town, or the ghostly vertical city that Paco Pocero up in Seseña, in the desert. We could eat the delicious hotel Algarrobico who built in the natural area of Cabo de Gata and in fact, we could clean up costs without cost, without bulldozers or explosives, just based on gluttony and debauchery would have healthy and airy coastlines. scifinder login There would be hungry: Spain, the comeladrillos would be a prosperous and happy place, the only problem would perhaps overweight.
We could even jump abroad: eat the Empire State Building, scifinder login the Eiffel Tower, the Forbidden Palace in Beijing, or the ruins of Macho Picchu. Is this the Frank Lloyd Wright? scifinder login Pa inside. Mies Van der Rohe? Pa inside. Is this the Alvaro Siza? Yum. The Spaniards would be famous and feared by our voracious appetite for the cream of world architecture. They could not stop us. We might eat us Calatrava! But Calatrava in person! Hence the ban would open, and then we would spend Brick meat and bone cannibalism. First Calatrava, then Carla Bruni! Sarkozy! Duchess of Alba! Ai Wei Wei! We would go eating everyone, until eventually appear scifinder login on Cain and fratricidal character of our country and we would eat with us.
And the last of the Spanish -a the time the last human alive-and scifinder login all beings eat our planet, everyone else in the solar system, the sun itself, the entire Milky Way, with its black holes inclusive, course- and other galaxies in the universe to be finally reduced to a singularity, so satisfied that they were a "community of destiny in the universal". 4:18 pm
I worked in a brickyard, Txe. Out pallets and pallets on the conveyor, at double the price than the previous year. I suspect that may overturn research and discover that it is they who, increasingly brazen, we are engulfing us. There are markets, they, with their many avid eyes they will eventually eat the moral ... A kiss, Txe! 8:27 pm
If I reincarnate scifinder login in one of your woodworm brick first thing I would zamparía Space Buenavista de Calatrava. And start, of course, by that mobile visor that has cost many millions of euros and which was designed to move once or twice in solemn occasions, but that no one will dare to deploy for fear of breakage. It will be because of woodworm ... 12:55 am
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Genius suburbs and Other Stories (feat. Christopher Fortúnez)
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