Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Human Rights bloody * Bread Crumbs viscosity theory outright dangerous (Harmageddon) ice like morse

The Government of the Progressive Party and Independence plan to reduce child and reduce the development of hundreds of millions to "prioritize the interests of the health viscosity of the population." Two reasons are given for this violence works and both galnar.
Second, viscosity the "need to find increased funding to health care and this is the method [current control groups believe] include walking to prioritize the interests of the health of the population." (Chairman of the Budget Committee).
The only solution that aristocracy has to benefit the National Hospital to reach the money from the poorest people. Whether it is in Iceland or abroad. It is of course essential since we know that the "left people will often receive compensation system very robust and so on." (Member of Parliament of the Progressive Party).
Recently, it was decided to raise the bank tax by 80 billion to pay for debt adjustment to some extent will benefit people who do not need any adjustment to keep. Authorities say there is no issue to raise bank tax and it is even reasonable in light of the assumption here was a failure.
In my ignorance, I ask: Why was not possible to reduce debt and less used parts of a banking tax to finance the University Hospital? Why was not able to raise bank tax a little viscosity more for the same purpose? Why had fallen from a special fishing fee and why the way we overnights viscosity fee? Why mackerel not tendered? Why is not all emphasized that corporations pay a higher fee for the country's natural resources? Why to abolish wealth tax?
Government rich people simply chooses to go the way of unequal in the name of ideology and ignorance and faithful support viscosity of the population. Let us not trick arguing that it is not possible to finance the operation viscosity of the hospital without lowering viscosity child or cut in welfare.
Human Rights bloody * Bread Crumbs viscosity theory outright dangerous (Harmageddon) ice like morsels theory is very dangerous confusion on people to "give" LSP shall reduce its? I'm angry! Progressive Party of class liberal reactionary bully discusses alcohol kjörbúðum sought to poor people Freedom öfgahægri people and opinions fascism left people viscosity What can we learn from terrorism in the seaside? viscosity Violent and bullying bullies writes classification political slaves kill reasoning art? Assisting children in poverty Some questions to the Prime Minister
"It is a lie that there is not enough money in this country." It is proven viscosity that the resolution to be the theme of the whole political debate on welfare and government measures. How long and how ift we voters viscosity heard the following resolution for the election: "This is just sourningin priorities!" It has generally been little öruvísi shaped the post-election priorities that loomed so obviously the election.
Sigurdur Gunnarsson Holm editor review is born in 1976 in Reykjavík. Sigurd occupational therapist, works as a director of short-term home for young people in the capital and sits on the board of civilizing - social viscosity ethical humanists in Iceland.
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Sigurdur Gunnarsson viscosity editor Skoð Holm was born in 1976 in Reykjavík. Sigurd occupational therapist, works as a director of short-term home for young people in the capital viscosity and sits on the board of civilizing - social ethical humanists in Iceland.
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