Thursday, February 12, 2015

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"As cold rag in the face"
"I was shocked when I opened the letter and saw all the addresses, knowing that my email was including for all to see," says a person who received on Monday a letter from an employee of the University and he was asked to participate in a study on violence potash intimate relationships.
The letter was sent to all the specific period came to the emergency department potash or outpatient psychiatric National University Hospital. Human error led to the addresses of 150 individuals potash who had been in a psychiatric ward during potash this period were visible all those who were sent a copy of the letter, As mailing list that the employee was in the air was sent as a copy. "In my case I have both the full name of the address so it is easy to trace it directly to me. My first reaction was to call directly to my girlfriend and tell her about this. I was in shock and did not know what I should do. She called privacy and gave them this. "He says the matter be placed where in a certain direction.
All those who received the message was received an apology from the leaders potash of the study lament that error has occurred. People were asked to delete the message and repeatedly sending the message does not continue or publicly. The person claims to have an understanding of the human error was involved. "Although this has not been viljaverk, this was nevertheless potash as cold rag in the face."
The person experiencing a severe breach of confidentiality. He says much need to look at the Department potash of Psychiatry and has done so in the belief that full confidentiality potash was promised. Trust him to hospital has minkað and he wonders whether more sensitive information about his illness lies in glámbekk. The incident came to him in such an uproar that he trusted him not to work the next day. "I am patient and I can not like a shock."
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Sigurdur potash wonder of the Supreme Court "These are to judge people for what it was and what it did."
Did ofurbíl buddy borrow and drove the car cost more than 200 million. Repair cost over 50 million. potash
Rich people pay formal education
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