Monday, February 2, 2015

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KUALA LUMPUR: The action of a guard a reflexology center in Taman entrepreneur, polyethylene glycol Kepong, here, trying to deceive a team of enforcement Putrajaya Immigration Department raided the premises polyethylene glycol after detection offers the services of prostitutes foreigners by posing as a customer fails when arrested early yesterday morning. Tembelang 47-year-old man for nearly two hours after a reflexology center was raided around 1am exposed after closed-circuit camera (CCTV) at the premises shows him working at the counter. Deputy Assistant Director (Enforcement) Putrajaya Immigration polyethylene glycol Department, Shahanizam Nik Ahmad said, during the raid, the men were cooperative polyethylene glycol and claimed he was a customer before being assembled together with another customer for inspection. "Instead, we hold a washerwoman in this center after suspecting him of conducting business operations." However, polyethylene glycol the identity of the real guards who are exposed after we examine CCTV footage before the raid was carried out to detect foreigners masseurs who offer sex due to not find anyone thereof in the premises, "he said. Nik Shahanizam said, initially enforcers failed to meet masseuse involved even though've polyethylene glycol searched the whole area of reflexology center. which provides 10 massage polyethylene glycol rooms.
"We also find it difficult polyethylene glycol or if there is a special door in the center of this foot massage including a hole in the ceiling which made for easy masseuse foreigners fled because when the raid premises polyethylene glycol empty." Based on the CCTV footage, we see there are many gamers sequence involved in the premises, but they seem invisible and we have failed polyethylene glycol to arrest them they are likely to know about the raid and was hiding, "he said.
According to him, a total of 30 enforcement did not give up and continue searching until the whole four-storey building premises it even had some time down the stairway and climbed up to the roof of the building that houses the water tank. "We almost polyethylene glycol get stuck looking polyethylene glycol after the examination in some residential units on the upper floors polyethylene glycol of the center, polyethylene glycol which is said to be the residence of foreigners masseuse also failed to meet them." However, after trying for almost polyethylene glycol two hours, we managed to find 10 masseuse Chinese citizens aged environment 20 to 30s when they themselves out of a hiding place in one of the residential units have been checked for enforcement thought had gone home, "he said. He said, further examination reveals masseuse polyethylene glycol failed to display a valid travel document causes all arrested and taken to Putrajaya Immigration Detention Depot for process documentation and investigated under the Immigration polyethylene glycol Act 1959/63 for the offense of abuse of work permits, polyethylene glycol overstaying set apart not have the complete document. "We also seized a bag containing condoms are believed to be used for prostitution, while taking evidence from two employees to foot massage center, and two clients to assist in the investigation, "he said.
GE-13 free applications polyethylene glycol for Android polyethylene glycol smartphone users, Apple GPMS BB1M consumer advice is limited to books Scientific Kelantan without Norfarhan and Ghaddar BUT ... Caution ATM Dr. M Excuse planning his murder rampage Caution Army Military rose Hyundai, Kia recall almost 1.9 million vehicles in the US Women hugs for Facebook users 5 Romantic Wedding Cakes Idea Machinery Red Warriors polyethylene glycol remain consistent
2014 (8) February (4) January (4) 2013 (822) December (3) November (13) October (20) September polyethylene glycol (9) August (18) July (8) June (14) May (2) April (82) March (182) February (201) January (270) 2012 (1414) December (187) November (258) October (347) Coffin 'appear' from the grave by the hurricane Sandy Islamic Group AS FRESH auxiliary Hot FM presenter robbed public sector salaries are reviewed next year Investments Genneva: 35,000 affected investors, investmen polyethylene glycol ... Preschool teachers need to have the diploma: Muhyiddin Easily book MPHOnline Obama declared a major disaster Sandy astronauts see from space AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 Four players were dropped polyethylene glycol Norsharul will best meet Petronas oil field Bertam 64 million barrels of former detainees' only 'decent' polyethylene glycol compensation RM1 wall ... BNJ pikat M

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