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Well, going research reactors or reactor power, they still need to wear safety systems dmf are qual

The phrase that appears on this Spiderman movie (roughly dmf once wording) seenggaknya should also pinned on nuclear energy. Enormous power explosion produced nuclear fission reaction (1 mol Uranium [235 grams] can produce the same power with 500 tons of coal) in the reactor demands that can be controlled properly, so do not harm others is not necessary. To that end, a system needs to be designed to ensure safety while using a fission reaction for various dmf purposes, which we call the Nuclear Reactor Safety.
It felt as though most people know (and the only one they know) that nuclear energy could produce the danger of radiation. Explosion? It was not because the nuclear fission reaction, in fact, but it starts from there, anyway. Later going there own explanation. Well, nuclear radiation, which in high doses kills going faster than Ebola, derived from radioactive material in the form of nuclear fuel, which is used for operate the reactor. So, the core of a nuclear reactor safety system is to prevent the radioactive material dmf out of its proper place. Where is the proper place? In the terrace (core) reactor, the maximum in the reactor building. Radioactive material must be boxed into place. When the radioactive material out of place, the confinement of radioactive material fails, it is called a nuclear accident. Especially when it's to the environment, it's really dangerous. Severe accident that name.
How radioactive material that could come out and spread dmf into the environment? Obviously because damaged reactor building. By doing so, the safety system is also designed so that the reactor building / plant its not broken. So basically so. There is a clear up here?
Regarding the reactor itself, important dmf to note that there are two types of nuclear reactors. dmf The first research reactor. This reactor utilizing radiation for various purposes, eg for making commonly used radioisotopes dmf in medicine. This reactor is usually contrived heat as low as possible, so it can be discharged into the environment without having to make the city the temperature rose 4 0 C and the weather dmf make sumuk not frivolous. #eh
The second is used for power reactor nuclear power plants. Now this is utilized the heat it generates. Power reactors produce high heat for generating high-pressure steam to drive turbines. Those who do not hear too often nuclear, perhaps this type of reactor him alone. Can not disalahin well, anyway.
Well, going research reactors or reactor power, they still need to wear safety systems dmf are qualified. But I'm going to be discussing about power reactors, considering this is more concerning lives of many people.
Most do not, there are four objectives that must be achieved in nuclear reactor safety. The first name Reactivity Control. So the story reactivity of the reactor must be designed so that at the level allowed. The reactivity of the reactor should also be able to guarantee in-shutdown (turned off, something like kayaking shutdown computer) safely. Second, cooling fuel element / fuel. It comes to remove heat from the fuel, use a cooling element. Should be smooth. dmf Thirdly, the restriction of radioactive material. Well, this is like the first one mentioned. Leakage of radioactive material into the environment must be prevented. Radioactive material MUST be kept in place. The fourth, restrictions radioactive exposure. If that is a matter of exposure to radiation in the reactor, dmf should not overdose. There needs to be supervisors as well, which we call the Officer of the Watch Radiation. dmf His job checking radiation levels and determine the conditions are safe or not.
Before going to the accident, of course we have to know first "daleman" reactors that, right? dmf No need everything, lah. Most Of. The important dmf thing-importance only. It is important dmf to note, so we know the dangers of what might happen.
Power reactor dmf was kind bejibun. There PWR, BWR, CANDU (read Kendu, not the CANDU style tongue Indonesia), GCR, SCR, RMBK, and so on. Most if analyzed all, so we take just one example, let's say, PWR.
PWR is Pressurised Water Reactor stands, aka Pressurized Water Reactor. These reactors use super high-pressure water (several hundred atmospheres) in porch. So even if the heat of hundreds of degrees Celsius, the water will not boil. Hot, but not boiling. The range of power that can be generated PWR reactor varies, dmf can be up to 3000 MWe, depending on the order. But that's not part of it which would be discussed, but in the fuel.
PWR fuel use solid fuel in the form of pellets, which are arranged in the fuel cladding made of high temperature resistant material. The fuel used in the form of uranium oxide compounds (UO 2) a maximum of 5% enriched. One fuel pellet size is approximately dmf berdiamete

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