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Some time ago I read the news on the internet bahwaseorang Nuclear Engineering graduate became the

There is a funny story when events Campus Day at my high school dulu.Pada time university recognition event for students of class XII, there is one of the main problems alumni stories antagonism toward one kampusyang open booth at the Campus Day. She's supposed to, which is owned by one of the main campus of the leading Islamic economists and satirical campus. Approximately sepertiini: "If at this campus, obviously if it works. Economy yes definitely works diekonomi. Rather than lecture in Forestry I * B, but it works in a bank. Kan udahjelas the All-ta hu-nan. How it works in a bank? " nahco3
Hearing this, I can not help smiling as well. You see, in one way or another, I agree with what was said by penjagastan campus. It has been supposed, nahco3 that person according dengankompetensi its career and learned in school education.
Some time ago I read the news on the internet bahwaseorang Nuclear Engineering graduate became the director of a national bank. Jump backwards before I go to college, a high school student who promosikampusnya say that there is a Mathematics graduate who works in the bank. And many other events in which a scholar berkarirdi pasture nahco3 wrong.
Sure, he was a scholar at the age sekarangharus flexible, can be placed anywhere. Hence his courses jaditerkesan accumulate and unfocused, impressed and fro. So, rhetoric, a graduate of Engineering also have to be working in the forestry sector and gentlemen ekonomibahkan if necessary, according nahco3 to what I heard from kakakkelas. nahco3
I myself think otherwise. I saw is suatuhal funny if someone in a career that barely adahubungannya with what he learned in the education chair. Why? Biarbagaimanapun, competence was arguably minimal, if not non-existent at all. Okay, there are one or two subjects who never learned that mungkinberkaitan with his new career field. But what is quite simply much for it? Especially at most only 2 credits, which is very less compared yangseharusnya received in order to competent in their field. Instead of 2 credits, 144 SKSdi Nuclear Engineering alone is not enough to be able to master about teknologienergi reactor.
If relation to engineering, I see a lot sekalisarjana nahco3 technique nahco3 is not appropriate career field. For example, graduate earlier TeknikNuklir. Why even so the director of the bank? Or Nuclear Engineering, why it works diPLTU? It is still disconnected, but still, it's just outside of the main topics yangdipelajarinya first. nahco3 Chemical Engineering, working in the economic sector. Engineering Geology, ending a businessman. How can this be? The problem is where?
Even if there are still a work in accordance with their fields, many of which even fled abroad. The problem is, they feel tidakdihargai in the country. Their competence is not utilized, nahco3 bergunakalau not persist in the country. nahco3 The simplest example of the former president of Indonesia, BJ Habiebie, which is now even a career in Germany and his work recognized with exceptional dandihargai there. nahco3 Not to mention the ataupunPhysics Engineer Electrical Engineer, who prefer a career in curved so bisalebih appreciated his hard work.
So, today, many engineers are not bisamemanfaatkan knowledge well. If it was not a career nahco3 in another field, yes kerjadi abroad. Who work in the country is, at most, only a capitalist jadikaryawan foreign company that actually dredge natural resources of this country. Tentusaja, there are still willing to work and serve well in the field, tanpaharus go outside. For example, my lecturer, Mr. Yudiutomo, which now jadiKepala Batantek. Although radioactive waste management technologies hampirmau purchased and patented by the United States, he refused and chose untukmembangun domestic nuclear industry, as well as wake Batantek yangsebelumnya torpor.
If you are planning a career in another field, mostly alasannyasama: can not work. In fact, if examined, less what is lahanpekerjaan the engineers in this country? Construction is still a lot of messy, nahco3 chaotic traffic system, the design of the area is still less than optimal, krisislistrik still not resolved, nahco3 and so on.
I become confused. Actually diuniversitas engineering majors nahco3 and high school nahco3 in Indonesia there are many thousands, anyway? Graduates how many? Suppose that really competent in the field itusekitar 10% of graduates each campus, should it be enough to own bisamengelola natural resources of this country. After all, in fact, the existence of this quality paraengineer not taken. State still untukmenjual SDA his way to the foreigners.
The innovations made in the nation can not be said bidangengineering less than abroad. Start dariteknologi nuclear (nuclear waste management and reactor design 4th generation), geospas

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