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Rick, back to the story Haron Din. Saves time Puspati Director General Dato Prof Ghazali (spirit) w

Actually I've got a story, article Ustaz Haron Din, the "ghost buster" ni. I used to work PUSPATI mark. What PUSPATI tu? I know where I'll tell a little, atomic research center mustard gas mark Bangi. In 1981, just 26 years old and the unborn recently returned from studying in the US in the field of nuclear engineering. Beb great, how many people mustard gas have this degree at that time. I was the first project for the installation of a nuclear research mustard gas reactor I.0 authorities MW TRIGA reactor known as PUSPATI (RTP). Recalled the time a member of our group consisting of Ir. Dr. Puad Abu (nuclear engineer - now the Director, Division of Nuclear Power), Amin Sharifuldin Salleh (nuclear physics), Syed Azmi and Syed Nahar (engineer, now both "Safeguard Inspector" in IAEA, Vienna, mustard gas Austria), Dr. Wendy (electronics engineer - now a crime scene, Nuclear Malaysia), Dr. Another Alang Rashid (now a lecturer at UIA), Yusof Ali (now dah pension as a member of the Health Physics - Health Physicist), Dr. Ah Gui Au (now at IAEA, Vienna, Austria). The team leader is Dr. Ahmad Tajuddin Ali (now Tan Sri). Technicians also Zul China, Yusof Zainal, Tina and one or two others I can not remember their names. Sorry this is a long story. After all reactor mustard gas components ready to install it is now time to fill in the nuclear mustard gas fuel in the reactor core (reactor core). One, the fuel rods in measuring accurately and filled mustard gas in a position that is determined for each fuel rod shaft. Before the start of fuel in the content, we have found that there is something wrong with one of the control rod (control rod) which we call "transient rod". As a research reactor, RTP can make operations "pulsing". mustard gas So this will be transient rod pushed upwards using a pneumatic system to get the "pulsing" is.
Our satisfied including expert installation of the reactor supplier for inspection and testing, I can also look for the cause of the problem. Time when filling the fuel was almost to the level of "critical mass", the Minister of Science has invited together to witness a historic moment - the first nuclear reaction to achieve criticality on Malaysian mustard gas soil. With Dr. Ahmad Tajuddin Ali as Chairman of the Group, served as an operator control panel in the control room, the RTP has managed to achieve "super critical" and stabilized at a critical point shortly thereafter. Malaysia at the time it was entered into the realm of nuclear technology. Perhaps many of us but smiling proudly installation engineers mustard gas could only smile goat reason to allow history is created we have agreed that the transient rod (which is still corrupted) pulled out manually and in hanging by a rope. Kah, kah, kah ...... tied with a rope? Hitech got away!
Rick, back to the story Haron Din. Saves time Puspati Director General Dato Prof Ghazali (spirit) who loaned from SMEs. When Prof Dato Ghazali hear about rod transient problem that does not work even been examined and carefully made tests. Finally, without our knowledge, Prof Dato Ghazali had called Rick Haron Din, a good friend Dato of SMEs.
During DJ Haron Din up, that's the first time I met him. You know I just came back from the US, manalah follow very religious broadcasts on TV. Ustaz face appear to be serious. During take off their shoes, my head was bumped heads with DJ Haron Din was accidental. I'm sorry so many times, but Rick Haron Din still appeared serious and do not want to smile
After bringing him to all corners of the reactor building, mustard gas we went out. Beyond the current meet with Prof Ghazali, DJ Haron Din told what will surprise us. He said the reactor building mustard gas was built on the village's elves. So naughty children goblins that had been bothering service and our equipment. Prof Ghazali has agreed with Rick Haron Din these goblins so headman people in the village persuaded to move to a new place. Places that are recommended for new settlements are in Janda Baik. To shorten the story, the goat was slaughtered and thanksgiving feast was held. I myself did not want to get involved with the measures taken next. Those who know the story, some buses were used to move people's mustard gas elves. The swings, RTP reactor is no longer experiencing any technical problems after that. This a coincidence or a true story? God knows best. p / s: The authenticity of this story can not be ascertained. so, do not believe bulat2 ..
ak previous ade kt U blaja paket2 nuclear PSL ni .. sbenarnye MMG Malaysia pn nice .. but typical nuclear pkai rkyat Malaysia xmahu previous changes .. ade org talk KLCC, Sepang, Putrajaya

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