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Now we will see ancient NUCLEAR BLAST story is a hoax. This story is often combined with the Oklo r

It is said that the archaeologists found evidence that there was once a nuclear war in ancient times. Thus, nuclear technology is already known by our ancestors. Is It True? Some sources on the internet quote a paragraph from the book that is claimed as part of the Mahabharata quote to prove the existence of a nuclear war in ancient times. However, the problem is one, most of the story on the Internet is a hoax !, but most do not!
First, this story should be divided into two parts, namely NUCLEAR REACTOR NUCLEAR BLAST ancient and primeval. Many people are not aware of these differences so that they confuse the story of an ancient nuclear reactor with ancient nuclear explosion.
NUCLEAR frankincense REACTOR is a facility or means of which the nuclear chain reaction is initiated, controlled and held in a fixed condition. While NUCLEAR BLAST is an uncontrolled chain reaction that comes from nuclear bombs. So a nuclear Reactors can be used to produce nuclear BOMB BLAST can be nuclear. Very different, right?
The story of ancient nuclear reactor began in 1972. At that time, in the nuclear frankincense fuel processing facility Pierrelatte, French scientist named Bougzigues are working routine analysis of the uranium had been extracted from uranium ore. then he realized something strange of uranium ore were examined. frankincense
Uranium Uranium 235 is the most sought after throughout the world for its ability to withstand nuclear reactions and uranium is what is used in modern nuclear reactors. Wherever on this earth, uranium 235 atom form a 0.720 percent of the total uranium. However, the sample held by it only has 0.717 percent. It shows that this uranium samples have experienced reactions release energy (fission). French atomic energy agency immediately frankincense move to investigate the cause. The sample was traced to a mine in Oklo, Gabon, Africa. Scientists rushed to Oklo. A follow-up frankincense study found there were sixteen locations that functions like a modern nuclear reactors and reactor ancient estimated 2 billion years old.
How Oklo can function as an ancient nuclear reactor? French atomic energy agency trying frankincense to find the answer. And then they get the answer from a 1956 article by Paul Kazuo Kuroda, a chemist from the University of Arkansas. Kuroda said that if the amount of U235 is quite a lot and there is a neutron moderator such as groundwater flow, the natural nuclear reactor can occur. Oklo mine conditions resemble what Kuroda predicted.
Now we will see ancient NUCLEAR BLAST story is a hoax. This story is often combined with the Oklo reactor due to ignorance of the difference between the reactor with a nuclear explosion. We start from the first hoax.
First Hoax On the internet, which recognized outstanding paragraph comes from the book of the Mahabharata is said to describe and prove the existence of war (explosion) in nuclear antiquity. I found this paragraph quoted many web or blog that discusses ancient nuclear reactor. I took it and this is the sound of that paragraph:
"Gurkha, flying vimana (plane) is strong and quick throws a projectile (missile) which is filled with the power of the universe (nuclear). glowing pillar of fire and smoke as bright with the light of the sun to rise to 10,000 by the entire splendor. It is unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, gigantic messenger of death which makes the whole tribe Vrishnis and Andhakas to ashes. The bodies become so scorched up beyond recognition. Hair and nails fell, ceramic clay broke without apparent cause and the birds turned white ... after a few hours, all foodstuffs contaminated (radiation) ... to escape from this fire, the soldiers jumped into the water flow to clean themselves and equipment. (Mahabharata - 6,500 BC?)
Second frankincense Hoax - Mohenjodaro, Harappa and Rajasthan that Called Mohenjodaro and Harappa in the city, the scientists found ancient cities with a framework that littered the streets, mostly seen holding hands on the streets, this shows their death came suddenly. And this framework age thousands of years. And these frameworks have high levels of the same radioactive bomb survivors of Hiroshima Nagasaki.
While in Rajasthan called that has found a layer of radioactive dust which covers an area of three square miles in ten miles west of Jodhpur. This study found Radioactive frankincense made after the researchers saw a high level of defects in newborn babies in the region and many local residents who suffer from cancer. The radiation level was so high that a researcher asked the Indian government to isolate w

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