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BPA is often used in the packaging of food and beverages, wherein the molecule is normally encapsul

The substance has the same effect on humans as estrogen and are therefore particularly harmful to pregnant women. In Denmark, the substance is also banned in baby bottles, tudkopper and packaging for baby food.
Studies in animals have shown that large amounts of the substance to be harmful. Preliminary however, more concrete evidence of the harmful effects of small doses if tightening up the regulation stability of the substance. New studies
One study shows that people who regularly come into physical contact with receipts have a greater amount of the substance in the body than average. The second study shows that the substance is readily absorbed through the skin.
BPA is often used in the packaging of food and beverages, wherein the molecule is normally encapsulated as part of a complex polymer. stability Several have expressed concern facing its use in the paper used for receipts.
In the thermal paper occurs, the chemical compounds known as free monomer, which makes it easier for the body to absorb than other forms found in food packaging. Pig skin and human skin
Daniel Zalko that are toxicologist at the French stability National Institute for Agricultural Research in Paris, along with his colleagues demonstrated that free BPA can be absorbed 'efficient' through the skin.
The study, published in the journal Chemosphere, may help to explain why BPA levels in the general population, appears to be higher than the doses can theoretically absorb through food and drink.
Zalko and his colleagues came forward to the results by sending radioactive BPA through a skin sample from a svineĆøre. Pig skin is frequently used as a model for human skin. In addition to the experiments with pig skin did the researchers also attempt smaller samples stability of human skin.
"Just as we advise people not to use polycarbonate-based baby bottles, it would be prudent to advise pregnant women to avoid or wash their hands after touching at this type of paper," he told Pregnant women should be cautious
It turned out that clerks who are frequently in contact with receipts than other professions, also had the highest concentration of BPA in their urine. The concentration of those was 2.8 micrograms per. gram, where the of teachers is 1.8 and the industrial workers of 1.2.
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Why that's otherwise very nice and told that I as a waiter / barman at a really busy evening / night touching up against 2000-2500 beans with that stuff in:-(To remove the substance for another stability seems to me like a fairly simple and straightforward solution and I wonder why it has not already done now that you already had knowledge that BPA has such potential adverse effect !? That's what you call a rough butterflies! Will as to the degree hoped that an Article as this can help to spread the word - So thank you on for your work to disseminate new at this and all other fronts:-)
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